Bible Reading for 2017

Over the years I have come to believe that reading the Bible through regularly (usually every year) is the best discipline for spiritual growth, despite the difficult challenges that can cause you to quit reading or apply Christ's word to your life.   There are so many ways to read the Bible, that it is sometimes difficult to choose just one way, because we want to do it all now.  Nevertheless, you need choose a way to read the Bible regularly and devotionally.  First you must choose your method. For example, you can choose between the following: A Bible-in-a-Year reading plan An  Old and New Testament simultaneous yearly reading plan (or another kind of segmented plan) A Chronical, Literary, Historical, Kingdom, or Thematic Reading of the Bible in a year. A Specialty reading plans that take you through different parts of the Bible on different days, weeks, or months. A Blended Reading Plan. Reading the Bible in some way over 2 or 3 years.   I would also … [Read more...]

10-10-10-10-10 Rule for Bible Reading

Here is the YouVersion Bible Reading plans There are many and I mean many plans to chose from here.  Don't wait, start now.  It doesn't matter if you only have 1 minute or 2 hours.  Start with something.  I try daily to follow at minimum a 10-10-10-10-10 Rule: Read the bible For 10 minutes, Read a book for 10 minutes, Pray for 10 minutes, and Memorize Scripture for 10 minutes Write for 10 minutes Preach the Gospel for 10 minutes to yourself (of course evangelism would grow out of this discipline). Of course each of these can be changed and or combined (for longer periods in one area) depending on your interests and time. … [Read more...]

Okla. church’s popular Bible app takes faith to phones –

If you Have not use YouVersion as a way to read your Bible you may be motivated to try it - read the following article:Okla. church's popular Bible app takes faith to phones - see also … [Read more...]

Bible Reading Plans – Justin Taylor

  Let me recommend that you read Bible Reading Plans by Justin Taylor for a good overview of some other Bible reading plans to start your new year off Well. see also … [Read more...]

Bible Reading Plans, Daily One Year Schedule

Here is a way to stay accountable to reading through the Bible in 2011 by using a customized Bible reading progress tracking chart. Several Bible Reading Plans, Daily One Year ScheduleBook oder, Chronological, Classic, Old Testament/New Testament, Prof. Horner Reading system My Opinion on the absolute importance of Reading the Bible according to a plan: There is no other way to get the BIG PICTURE of God's plan of redemption or history of Salvation which is necessary to interpret any verses you study in bible study correction. We must be about placing the individual texts of scritpure into their canonical context at the 66,000 ft. level (since there are 66 books in the bible), rather than constantly interpreting passages or verses (at the runway level) with only partial contextual understanding (maybe at the 500 ft level or at the 1,000 ft level). As one interprets each verse they need to see how that one verse relates to context of God's activity as recorded in the bible … [Read more...]

More info on Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System

PDF Download - Professor Horner's Bible Reading system Grant Horner is a professor at the Master’s College in Southern Califonia. Click HERE to read an interview with him to learn a little bit about the man behind the plan.       Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan « Pastor Brett      The How tos for Professor Horner's Bible Reading Plan I’ve seen connections in the Bible I haven’t seen before! That would happen anytime I’m reading the Bible, but the variety and amount of chapters read make these connections all the more likely. My only draw back three weeks into this reading is that I didn’t write the connections down and will probably not read that same combination of chapters again. Another blessing is that when I miss a day, I just pick up without feeling that I have to read 20 chapters the next day. Sometimes I just read the Old Testament or New Testament and don’t find time to get the other readings in for the day. The next day I just do the 10 readings and feel no need to … [Read more...]

Bible Reading Plans for your Devotionals for 2011

Here are some Bible Reading plans to choose from this next year.  I always advise people to read through the Bible Every year, because it is one of the few says one can get the "Big Picture" of Scripture solidified in their hearts in order to interpret individual passages better in their canonical context. ESV Bible Reading Plans The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan Read through the Bible Program for Shirkers and Slackers Book-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan Heartlight Daily Bible Reading plans PDF Download - Professor Horner's Bible Reading system - Grant Horner is a professor at the Master’s College in Southern Califonia. Click HERE to read an interview with him to learn a little bit about the man behind the plan. see also … [Read more...]