The Importance of divine Sovereignty for Our View of Scripture

This is a great article that has helped me understand the relationship between our doctrine of Scripture and God's divine sovereignty by Dr. Stephen J. Wellum from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Importance of divine Sovereignty for Our View of Scripture by Dr. Stephen J. Wellum Stephen J. Wellum is Assistant Professor of Christian Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Wellum received his Ph.D. degree in theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and has also taught theology at the Associated Canadian Theological Schools and Northwest Baptist Theological College and Seminary in Canada. He has contributed to several publications and a collection of essays on theology and worldview issues.Dr. Wellum concludes:Not only is it important to evaluate views of divine sovereignty in light of whether they can uphold a high view of Scripture, but it is also crucial to maintain that in defending any view of Scripture, one cannot adequately do so unless … [Read more...]

Revelation Sermon Series

Revelation Sermon Series: by Dr. Jim HamiltonIn God’s kindness, Kenwood Baptist Church voted to call me as their pastor of preaching the last Sunday of March, 2009. The first book I preached through was the book of Revelation. While some might question the wisdom of jumping right into apocalyptic literature, the book of Revelation pronounces a blessing on those who read, hear, and keep what is written in it (Rev 1:3). Those who understand John’s Apocalypse–and live such that they have “kept” what it reveals–are blessed. We went through the book from April to April, and the year’s worth of sermons are linked below. May the Lord bless us with the reading, hearing, and keeping of this word. April 5, 2009 Revelation 1:1-8 The Blessing of the Revelation of Jesus Christ April 12, 2009 Revelation 1:9-20 John’s Vision of the Risen Christ April 26, 2009 Revelation 2:1-7 First Love May 3, 2009 Revelation 2:8-11 Faithful unto Death May 10, 2009 Revelation 2:12-17 Repent of Nicolaitan Teaching May … [Read more...]

Introducing the New ESV Online!

I would encourage everyone to get the online version of the ESV or the ESV Study Bible. They are free. Introducing the New ESV Online!: " Wheaton, IL (May 13, 2010)—Crossway is pleased to announce the new ESV Online. A key part of Crossway’s ESV Digital initiative, the ESV Online is a powerful and convenient tool giving access to the ESV Bible and other resources for understanding and applying God’s Word. Free access to the ESV Online is now available by signing up at Users are able to customize their own interface, highlight and mark verse numbers, add bookmark ribbons, search the ESV text, and manage personal notes. The free version also includes a variety of daily reading plans and devotional calendars. Want to try the highly acclaimed ESV Study Bible free? For a limited time, everyone who signs up for an ESV Online account will receive a free 30 day trial access to the ESV Study Bible. Current Online ESV Study Bible users will be contacted via email over the … [Read more...]

Common Ground / Uncommon Confidence – Acts 21:37-22:30

Common Ground / Uncommon Confidence - Acts 2137-22:30 from Glenn Leatherman on Vimeo. Paul now finds himself before the Tribune and asks to speak to the Jews that are gathered against him (for they have accused him of defaming the temple). Paul clears his name being associated with a Jewish assassin group that tried to overthrow the roman rule a couple of years earlier. Paul then speaks to his people in their language detailing his conviction of sin (1-5), conversion to Christ (22:6-16), and calling to bring the gospel to the entire world (22:17-21). The Jews get so angry that they don't let Paul finish his speech and want his life. The entire process is expedited by the roman Tribune who desire to flog him, but don't because they eventually realize that paul is a Roman citizen by birth.This whole narrative shows that Christians will know God's will with uncommon character because of God's faithfulness. You can see evidence of God's faithfulness all around your life, just as Paul … [Read more...]

No Compromise – Acts 21:17-36

No Compromise - Acts 21:17-36 from Glenn Leatherman on Vimeo. see also … [Read more...]

Quote: Inspiration of Scripture as it relates to Christian ministers

Here is a very interesting quote by Dr. Robert Reymond on the topic of the Inspiration of Scripture as it relates to Christian ministers:The candidate for Christian ministry who does not believe that the Bible is God's inspired Word should not enter the ministry. He does not belong there. If he is already in the ministry he should either quit because he should never have entered it or at the very least he should tell his congregation that he does not believe the Bible is God's inspired Word so that those who have the sense not to submit to his authority, stripped bare as it is of the authority of God's Word, can leave and listen to a pastor who does believe it, because all the other doctrines of the true Faith are derived from the divinely inspired Bible and rest upon it for their authority. The doctrine of inspiration is the bedrock — the mother and guardian — of all the other doctrines of Scripture! It is that important!— Robert Reymond, Faith's Reasons for Believing (Ross-shire, … [Read more...]

Why do Christians Disagree about the Bible?

"Good men have been disagreeing about that for centuries"; have you ever heard that? This clip demonstrates a key reason why this happens. When "good men disagree" it does not necessarily mean that the answer can't be known.see also … [Read more...]