More and more I believe that it is important that one develop a robust Biblical Theology that can inform one's systematic theology which ultimately informs ones expositions of ScriptureListen to Mark Dever do this in one exposition from all of scripture: 9Marks at Southeastern 2010 - Biblical Theology: Session 1 from Southeastern Seminary on Vimeo. Preaching from Genesis through Revelation, Mark Dever unfolds the beautiful plan of God, evident in Scripture from beginning to end. see also … [Read more...]

The Various Branches of New Covenant Theology

The Various Branches of New Covenant Theology via Christ, Our Covenant by Steve Fuchs on 2/28/09 Like other systems of theology, there are various branches of New Covenant Theology (NCT). Although all proponents of each branch believe Christ fulfilled the Old Covenant (OC) Laws perfectly in his person, and insist on faith in his work and person for salvation, there are at least 4 branches of NCT that can be distinguished from one another. This analysis is relatively brief in its attempt to give an overview of the current strains of NCT, some of which you may already be familiar with, and some you may not. In particular, its purpose is to identify this blog's strain -Picture-Fulfillment NCT- within the overall NCT dialogue, along with some of the names associated with each branch. It is *not* an exhaustive description of NCT nor of the individual branches, but in 'Cliff Notes' fashion attempts to highlight meaningful distinctions between them as a service to those outside (and … [Read more...]

Good Biblical dialogue

Many dialogues today are very immature from my perspective.  I love it when believers can talk about Scripture and their beliefs in a winsome and humble way in an effort to learn from each other and not just talking past each other.  I love it when other brothers and sisters in Christ can dialog in a agreeable way over their different perspectives in an effort to learn and grow to know Christ more fully. Chandler, Horton, Keller on How to Disagree from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.The terms of theological have changed rapidly and dramatically with the spread of the internet. So how ought Christians to disagree with one another and with other theological opponents? In this video: Matt Chandler, Michael Horton, Tim KellerPermalink: also … [Read more...]

Is God happy that OBL is dead?

Good article in looking this from both sides - yes and no: Is God Glad Osama Bin Laden's Dead?see also … [Read more...]

Handling the Old Testament

IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 10  Right click to download mp3 audio here  IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 9  Right click to download mp3 audio here IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 8   Right click to download mp3 audio here IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 7   Right click to download mp3 audio here   IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 6   Right click to download mp3 audio here   IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 5   Right click to download mp3 audio here   IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 4   Right click to download mp3 audio here   IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 3   Right click to download mp3 audio here   IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 2   Right click to download mp3 audio here   IDS Hour: Handling the OT Part 1 Right click to download mp3 audio here see also … [Read more...]

My Promise / Fulfillment Theology

One of the reasons I cannot hold to Classical Covenant Theology, and much more prefer New Covenant Theology or what I call Promise / Fulfillment Theology is that I cannot buy into the idea of "covenant children" within the New covenant since the Bible is clear to me that only regenerate believers are included in the New Covenant (Yes I am a Baptist).  Though I highly respect some great Christian teachers who espouse the idea of "covenant children," it (in my humble opinion - IMHO) is derived from theological preunderstandings and presuppositions rather than from proper exegesis. It may come from a desire to see those (all or some) who die in infancy saved.  The only thing I can say concerning the salvation of infants who die in infancy is that they are in the hands of a loving and just God.  My personal hope is that all infants who die will be saved, but that is a opinion level belief. The one thing that I know is that God always does what is right, good, and just regardless if we … [Read more...]

Ten Myths About Calvinism

Below Michael Patton gives an excellent understanding of Genuine Biblical theology that is so mischaracterized by some who do not want to hold to right theological tension that is found in the scriptures. It disappoints me to see people build straw men of this position (or any other position) and then tear down that straw man position that doesn't exist. I am sure that many Christians who hold to different theological positions have experienced as well.  We Christians up to hold the whole counsel of God with the tension it reveals, instead of trying to relieve the tension by denying part of Biblical truth because it doesn't make sense or is uncomfortable because it doesn't fit your current worldview.  In order for Christians to communicate with each other and proclaim the biblical Gospel we must be more committed to the Scritpure as God's revealtion of himself to man than we are to our traditions and man-centered worldviews.  We are all developing theologically, and must not let go of … [Read more...]

How do we do good biblical theology in our preaching? | 9Marks

More and more Christian Preachers must grow in our Theology because we do not come to the scriptures neutral.  Here is a good article on this:How do we do good biblical theology in our preaching? | 9Markssee also … [Read more...]

Eschatology + Ecclesiology

Does the following chart that I have created trying to show the relationship between how you see the Relationship between the OT and NT and the relationship between the church and Israel, communicate the alternatives that one could hold to well?Understanding the Big picture of Eschatology and its relationship to Ecclesiology v 2 - Powered by Google Docssee also … [Read more...]

Affirm this Quote From "the Archer and the Arrow"

Do you affirm this quote on Biblical Theology from "They Archer and Arrow" by Phillip Jensen and Paul Grimmond (p.79)?: Biblical Theology will help pastors be better preachers.   The way we are using the term, 'biblical theology' means basically two things.  First, it is the acknowledgement that the Bible unfolds us as progressive revelation.  When God spoke to Abraham, the fullness of his character and the details of his plans for creation were not known in the way that they were subsequently revealed through the apostles.  For this reason Biblical reading always involves remembering where we are up to in God's unfolding plan for his world.  The way that we make sense  of Deuteronomy and apply it to God's people will be different from the way we read Philippians and seek to live it out today. The second and much more significant insight of biblical theology is that all of the promises of God find their yes and amen in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20).  ... If the central message of the … [Read more...]