As A Debtor, Pay The Gospel Forward

Growing up, my family celebrated Thanksgiving many years at the annual A&M vs. Texas football game, as we met in either College Station or Austin for the game.  I always appreciated that my family cared enough to get together to celebrate thanksgiving before the game.  As I look back on this holiday through the lens of the “pay it forward” concept found in scripture, I see my Thanksgiving Holiday celebrations to be not as other centered as they could have been.  However, what should “Pay It Forward” mean to a believer?  I know what it means to “pay it (a debt) back”, but what does it mean to “pay a debt forward?” One thing we need to remember is that we cannot pay back (or forward) any debt we owe to God for that would nullify grace.  God’s grace can never be repaid.  If we attempt to repay it, we would be rejecting God’s grace.  Even when we minister to others, we do so by grace and become more in debt to God - needing more grace.  In 1 Corinthians 15:10, Paul says, “But by the … [Read more...]