Bible Reading Plans – Justin Taylor

  Let me recommend that you read Bible Reading Plans by Justin Taylor for a good overview of some other Bible reading plans to start your new year off Well. see also … [Read more...]

Simplify Your Spiritual Life

We all need to simplify our lives.  Dr. Donald Whitney has helped me look at my spritiual life from a good and helpful perspective considering all the demands on my time.Simplify Your Spiritual Lifeby Dr. Donald WhitneySimplify Your Spiritual Life Does your spiritual life sometimes seem more like a burden than a blessing? Does your spirituality seem to exhaust you as often as it refreshes you? Have your spiritual practices become "just another thing to do" in an already overcrowded, stress-filled schedule? If so, then you need to simplify your spiritual life.We should expect part of true spirituality to exhaust us, for it exists not merely for our own edification, but to serve the glory and purposes of God. Jesus' spiritual labors occasionally so fatigued Him that He could fall asleep in an open boat in the middle of a lake during a life-threatening storm (Luke 8:22-25). Likewise, the Apostle Paul knew the depletion of inner resources that results from the willingness to "spend and be … [Read more...]