Do some Christians have an inability to separate their understanding of truth from TRUTH itself?

I see a tendency that is present in each individual who studies theology. That tendency is to identify our own understanding of the truth with the truth itself. That understanding becomes so tightly held that there is the irrational fear that reality itself will come unraveled if we are to change our position or open our minds to new perspectives. One might even charge that with some degree of accuracy that the inability to separate our understanding of truth from TRUTH itself is a claim that we have, at least on this issue the complete understanding of God himself. Read the whole article: Hardening of the Categories: Why Theologians Have Opposed “New Knowledge” … [Read more...]

Theology of different Christian groups

Evangelicalism vs. Fundamentalism vs. Liberalism see also … [Read more...]

What Do I Owe to the Person Who Differs from Me?

this is a very helpful article:How to Deal with Those who Differ from Us (Rodger Nicole) - 2 of the best quotes on this occur at the end of the article:  Perhaps the most important consideration for the Christian is to remain aware at all times of the goal to be achieved. It is the consistent perception of this goal that will give a basic orientation to the whole discussion: Are we attempting to win an argument in order to manifest our own superior knowledge and debating ability? Or are we seeking to win another person whom we perceive as enmeshed in error or inadequacy by exposing him or her to the truth and light that God has given to us?... A Christian in carrying on discussions with those who differ should not be subject to the psychology of the boxing ring where the contestants are bent upon demolishing one another. Rather "The Lord's servant must not quarrel: instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in hope … [Read more...]

Andre’e Seu’s Tragic Mistake on the Gospel of Glenn Beck – Justin Taylor

Andre'e Seu’s Tragic Mistake on the Gospel of Glenn Beck – Justin TaylorI find Justin Taylors reference to a Theological Taxonomy from Michael Wittmer’s book, Don’t Stop Believing: Why Living Like Jesus Is Not Enough  is very helpful in showing the denial of the Gospel of Glenn Beck by distinguishing between  What you must believe, What you must not reject, and What you should believe. see also … [Read more...]