Spotlight on Bible Translation Spotlight on Bible Translation from Dan O'Day on Vimeo. About 2,200 languages still have no translation of the bible. Several of these languages have no written form, and thus an alphabet must be created and taught to native speakers. Will you support bible translation? see also … [Read more...]

Review: James White’s King James Only Controversy

Review: James White’s King James Only Controversy: from Domain for TruthWhite, James R. The King James Only Controversy. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Bethany House, 2009.This is a great resource for any pastor to have, concerning the King James Only (hereafter, KJVO) debate. James White has done a good job addressing this controversy in a matter that is Christ-like and fair, contrary to the attitude seen in the works of some proponents of KJVO. Even before reading the book, I was looking forward to reading on a topic that I know little about, having minimal interaction with it online and in the Marines. Overall, I thought the book was a good example of how one can disagree with an issue and yet remain charitable, not resorting to personal attack against the other side. I want to give some of my personal highlights in reading this book.The KJVO controversy requires a bit of background, and White does a good job explaining what the controversy is, and the different shades of KJVO. White … [Read more...]