Introduction To Theology #4 – Postmodern Epistemology

Session Overview Why is truth devalued in our culture today? What is Postmodernism? We live in a different world than we did just 20 years ago. People think differently today about the reality and nature of truth. Your truth is your truth, my truth is my truth-they are both right is a comon belief that we encounter in our Postmodern culture. Why are people thinking in such a manner? By the end of this session, the student should have a better understanding of the history of man's search for truth, learning that the Postmodern view of truth (that truth is relative) comes as a response and reaction to an overly optimistic view of man that came out of the enlightenment. We will begin to answer the question, How should the Christian respond to a Postmodernism culture? Session Reading (for self-study students) What Is Postmodernism? By Paul Copan Theopedia: Postmodernism The Postmodern Challenge R.C. Sproul Jr.: Postmodernism and Christianity The message will … [Read more...]

Intro to Theology – Session 3 – Categories of Theology

Session Overview What is systematic theology? What are the common mistake that people make with regards to doing theology? How important is it that one use a theological process that is testable? This session presents the different categories in which theology is done. The student should gain a greater understanding of what systematic theology is by understanding its relation to biblical, apologetic, historic, dogmatic, and philosophical theologies. A basic understanding of the theological process is introduced. The student should leave with an understanding that biblical theology must be done with great integrity, asking what did the text mean in its original setting? then asking what does it mean for all time? then finally what does it mean for today? Download Notebook by clicking here Session Reading (for self-study students) Representing Christ to a Postmodern World (also contained in Student Notebook) RELATED MEDIA Watch Video Listen to Audio Download Audio … [Read more...]

Introduction to Theology – Session 2 – Defining Theology

Session Overview What exactly is theology and who is a theologian? Why are there so many bad theologies out there? Are you a Tabloid theologian, believing everything you hear? Or are you a more skeptical theologian, who won't believe anything? This session will cover the different methods and commitments, good and bad, that people bring to their theology causing them to be a good theologian or a bad theologian. During this session the student will be persuaded that everyone is a theologian because everyone has theological persuasions and convictions, even if they don't realize it. The student will have to decide what type of theologian they want to be. One can be a sloppy theologian, by naively receiving their belief system without a constructive methodology, or one can be a theologian with integrity, by exercising critical examination. Download Notebook by clicking here RELATED MEDIA Watch Video Listen to Audio Download Audio … [Read more...]

Introduction to Theology – Session 1 – Class Introduction

Session Overview What is The Theology Program anyway? What is our approach to studying theology? Does TTP take the we're right, your wrong approach? Or does it approach theology more peaceably, letting the students make up their own mind? Am I smart enough to take this course? These are all important questions that this first session seeks to answer. This session presents a basic understanding of the importance of the study of theology and the purpose of The Theology Program. The rules of engagement will set the stage for all future TTP sessions, arguing that theology is best done with an irenic (peaceable) approach, interacting with Christian doctrine and other belief systems in a gracious manner, allowing the student to make up their own mind when all of the evidence has been accurately presented. Download Notebook by clicking here Session Reading (for self-study students) Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology, pp. 21-43 RELATED MEDIA Watch Video Listen to … [Read more...]

Articles for Introduction Theology Class

Please notice that I have indicated a must read article in each of the sections.  The other articles (mind candy) are to help you expand your mental real estate further in that area. General Articles You Cannot Serve Both God and Theology Establishing a Doctrinal Taxonomy: A Hierarchy of Doctrinal Commitments Representing Christ to a Postmodern World (Must Read) Charismata and the Authority of Personal Experience Orthodoxy, Theological Maturity, and the Development of Doctrine: From Theological DNA to Maturity Building Your Theology Course Gospel in 6 Minutes (Video) Primer on Perspectivalism Orthodoxy Test (Please take) Taxonomy of Belief Test Catoriztation of the Levels of Belief (Examples)   Theological Triage: Video from Albert Mohler explaning Theologyical Triage A Call for Theological Triage and Christian Maturity (Article) (Must Read) Let’s Get Our Theological Priorities Straight     Levels of belief in … [Read more...]