The Consequence Of Fast Food Theology – A Flat Bible

Context Determines Meaning In February had a very disturbing conversation with 3 Mormon elders who would not look at the context of a particular passage of Scripture.  Instead they wanted to standardize all definitions of the word “one” based on a traditional interpretation of John 17:20-21.  This conversation occurred after a talk on Mormonism at our Wednesday Night Bible Study.  These Mormon elders came ready for debate and refused to listen to deal with hermeneutical issues (the science of biblical interpretation) first, so that we could agree on how we go about explaining and interpreting a certain portions of scripture.  American Christianity tends to want things made simple and handed to us in 3 minutes or less.  Like our fast food we want fast food theology.  This tendency will always fail us when we witness to other religions that may study their flacious traditions more that we study Scritpure.   In sharing this short summary of my reflection over how I should handle … [Read more...]

Plan of Evangelism by Glenn Leatherman

The fuel and goal of all evangelism is true heartfelt worship that celebrates and enjoys God. The Evangelism that flows from God-centered worship are the bookends (so to speak) of Disciplemaking that obeys the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). I believe in evangelism and missions because I believe its necessity is taught in the Bible. People have broken God's law and are in need a savior to save them from the wrath of God. The Bible declares that “there is one God, and [only] one mediator also between God and men, the man Jesus Christ.” (1 Timothy 2:5). This is why we must be involved personally, prayerfully, and financially in the cause of Evangelism and International Missions in order to bring joy to the nations. The following are some biblical principles as it relates to my plan of evangelism. WE MUST UNDERSTAND THAT RELATIONSHIPS ARE A KEY - NOT HE KEY - TO EVANGELISM AND MISSIONSAggressive initiative evangelism and relational evangelism are the same thing. Barna … [Read more...]

Good Example of Open-Air street Witnessing

Here is one of my friends, James, who is witnessing to people at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica last Saturday Night.  This is one of his best encounters with a man who is a consistent antagonist each week.  This is a known place where stars from Movies and TV shop, but it also a hangout for many and a fund place to do their shopping.  This is a weekly Evangelistic ministry at the 3rd street Promenade see also … [Read more...]

Hell’s Best Kept Secret – Part 3

see also … [Read more...]