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December 2005

Revival in the Works? – Pastors Changing from Seeker Sensitive to God Sensitive

I want you meditate on what a pastor’s letter might look like in which he experiences a drastic change in his philosophy of ministry. This letters expresses my heart of changing from from being man-centered to God-centered. Man-Centered ministries today – like Saddleback Church – become legalistic because they are looking for and emphasize technique rather than God’s sovereignty in Salvation. I think we need more pastors (including myself) to experience a committed change that is expressed in this letter . Just click on the link below. What do you think? The Letter That Could Announce American Revival see also

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House Give-Away Evangelism

When we loose confidence in the Gospel to save individuals God has chosen, we will use whatever means we believe will draw people. When the Gospel is not enough, we reach people using worldly means. And this is why the church today is worldly. If we reach people with worldly means we will also have to keep (or train) them with worldly means because many in our mist will still be lost. Things like this should make us all want to weep. In illustrating this sad trend by taking a page from Bob Barker and The Price is Right, Abundant

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PURITAN BOOKS in Msword + Pdf Formats on DVD

Let me recomend this CD for your reading this Christmas season: PURITAN BOOKS in Msword + Pdf Formats on DVD Word Searchable, makes for cut, copy & paste, print out pages etc…make notes, good for preparing SermonsTotal 100 Books All Unabridged.. William Gouge – Hebrews 3 VolumesThomas manton – 22 volumes Complete WorksThomas Boston – 12 volumes complete worksJohn Flavel – 6 volumes Complete WorksRichard sibbes – 7 Volumes complete WorksJohn Bunyan 3 Volumes CompleteThomas Goodwin Complete Works 12 VolumesWilliam Gurnall – Christian in Full Armour of God .. 2 VolumesJohn Owen – 16 Volumes Complete WorksLloyd-Jones – 8 Volume

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A Christian Ethics Symposium on Torture @ Evangelical Outpost

The Truth About Torture (This introduction below is from the symposium’s website, and is well worth reading) “Torture is not always impermissible,” argues Charles Krauthammer in “The Truth About Torture”, his provocative essay in The Weekly Standard. “However rare the cases, there are circumstances in which, by any rational moral calculus, torture not only would be permissible but would be required (to acquire life-saving information). And once you’ve established the principle, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, all that’s left to haggle about is the price. In the case of torture, that means that the argument is not whether torture is

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Lysol, Living, and Leaping (Malachi)

(I am indeaded to John Piper for the outlines of this sermon) Malachi is the latest Old Testament prophet and prophicied against idolatryMalachi 2:10-11: 10: Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us? Why then are we faithless to one another, profaning the covenant of our fathers? 11Judah has been faithless, and abomination has been committed in Israel and in Jerusalem. For Judah has profaned the sanctuary of the Lord, which he loves, and has married the daughter of a foreign god.There are is a significant similarity between Malachi’s day and our own: It was a

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Bethlehem Elders Withdraw Membership/Baptism Proposal For Further Study

I just read a response on Denny Burk’s blog to his entry entitled John Piper, Bethlehem Baptist Church, and Baptism and learned that from John Caneday, a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church, that “Last week the elders did vote to withdraw the [membership] amendment from consideration. The elders will discuss the details of the decision at the church’s annual meeting this Sunday, so the details are sketchy right now.” I lean toward seeing this as good news. Denny Burk also said that Tom Schreiner, who is the pastor at Clifton Baptist Church in Louisville, KY along with his elders wrote

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Acts 3:22-26 – God Bless You!

Introuction (I am indeated to John Piper for the Idea and structure of this sermon Fallen conditon Focus: We don’t remember the blessings of God and don’t anticipate them in the future Theme: God desires to move toward you with great blessing! 3:25 3:26 Questions: What do we mean when we say God is blessing us? How do we take the vagueness out of the Word bessing at Christmas (i.e. Incarnation Worship Service) and give it some wallop? 1. The coming of Jesus is a blessing because it proves God tells the truth – God can be trusted –

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