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January 2006

The Last Sign – The Resurrection and the Life – John 11:11-27

IntroductionCommon vs. uncommonPossible vs. ImpossiblePeople in cars vs. people carrying a CarCows on the side o the Road vs. a Bull Charging at youICAW – you remember What interest you What you care about What gets your attention What you want to. All 7 signs point to the Gospel or illustrate it “Man is born into trouble as the sparks fly upward” Theme: Look at how we misunderstand death: Seeing a lifetime as a 24 hour day15 = 10:25 am25 = 12:42 pm35 = 3:00 pm45 = 5:46 pm55 = 7:34 pm65 = 9:55 pm70 = 11:pm It is always

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John 10:22-42 – Inexhaustible Power – Seeing Jesus and the Father as One

Introduction We all change after HS After College First Job Marriage Children death of Spouse I challenge you to go to 1 funeral a month to keep in mind your own death Hebrews 2:15 this will make you think of the promises of God that go beyond death 1 Cor. 15:19 FCF: Peole don’t see that the power of jesus and the Father as testifying to their divine power that goes even beyond this life. Theme: to flee from fear one must see Jesus and the Father as one Background: Fest of Dedication – Hanaka 167 bc Antiochus Epiphanes –

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John 11:1-16 – Vital Truths for a New Year

What was it like in 1905 Fallen Condition Focus: Though resolutions are good we fail to keep our word when we make resolutions.Transition: This morning I want to share some important truths that we can glean from eavesdropping on this account before us. I. THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM … vv.1-4 Where We see conflict. . . God sees a training ground for character (Romans 5:3-5) Where We see pain . . . . God sees a tool to wean our hearts from that which is temporary (2 Cor. 1:4) What we call a burden . . .

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