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February 2006

John 12:12-20 – The Triumphal Entry

introductory ConnectionPassage – in 4 Gospels (Matt. 21:1-11, Mk. 11:1-11, Lk. 19:29-38)Before – Tell no man (Matthew 16:20, Mk. 5:43, 9:9). He avoided displayUnique initiative of Christ – Before he had departed (John 6:15), declined (7:4)Why Change in policy – Acted with gathers glory in mind, because scriptures so require, submission to the Father’s Word, Loving obedienceWhat Scriptures – Genesis 49:9-11, Zechariah 9:9Debatable Scripture – Dan. 9:24-27 FCF: We are lazy in what we give honor to and that makes us lazy in regard to our piety. Theme: What you honor determine how you act. T/S: What you honor determines

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John 12:1-11 – Extravagant and Broken Worship

Introductory ConnectionsDefine Extravagant – spending to much wastefullyGive examples – $2,000,000 on a wedding, $10,000 for hotel, $100,000 for an autoExtravagant is normally bad useless it is focused on Christdefine Brokenness FCF: We are way to extravagant everything except for Christ T/S: What is Broken/extravagant worship: 1. B/E Worship is sacrificial (1-3) 6 days – Friday evening (2 day in Mk and Mt. Are not referring to this but another event and then they go back and use this event as an example) At home of Simon the Leper – Relative? Anointing was the instrument that enabled the Pharisees through

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John 11:28-44 – Divne Dignity and Human Perfections

Introductory Connectionshight sign – Sows submission, dependence, and obedienceAntitype of the Veil FCF: It is hard for us to understand that God’s motivation is his own glory. T/s: The Glory of God is bound up in … 1. … promises or vision of God (vv. 28-32) Mary must hear this 10,000 Hide not Man proposes but God disposes Illustration: Eore and Winny the Pooh Comfort – Vision – we forget the Lord – His power is not limited to his presence 2 dice – mary – Brother’s death – mary thought noone could die in the presence of Christ Luke

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Pray for John Piper this week

This saturday John Piper will be having surgery to remove his prostrate due to canser. Please pray for him during this week. You can read more about this here see also

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