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March 2006

The Start of the Farewell Counsel – John 13:21-38

Introductory ideas you can listen to this sermon at Warnings scarcely converse everything in this passages, yout it emphaisz3s that which is most prominent in itWarns Judas -@ beginningWarns Peter – @ end Instructions for the beloved disciples in the nature of warnings–in betweenMisinterpreting the nature of his death 31-32Approaching departure – v.33Love – v. 34Manifest that they are his by love – v. 35 Id – betrayer – JudasPsalm 41:9:9Even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted his heel against me.Matthew 10:36: 36And a person’s enemies will be those of his own

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The Fellowship of the Clenased – John 13:12-20

Introduction Check out books: Old Evangelism, When People are Big God is SmallDouble washingProvision of divine love for our failure in our walkMaintaining our fellowshipOne for the entire person, the other for feetThe former is once for all, the latter needs repeated dailyWashing is by the WordThe washing of regeneration is not by blood, though it is inseparable from redemption by blood, and neither one is ever repeatedOf the laterThe one is for legal expiationThe other for moral purificationThis cleansing is judicial, not experiential.Illustration: like the sand at the beach. You have to constantly rinse.Theoretical knowledge is of no value

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John 12:36-50 – Jesus’ Public Resume

Intoductory Connections These words cry aloud to sleeping churchmen and drowsy congregations Unbelief = Reliance on Hman Resources – Computer for the Church Resume Fear of man – Deut 6:13, Prov. 1:7 FCF: People fail to take responsibility for their sinTheme: God’s judicial judgement is deservedbecause of people’s unbelieving and rebellious hearts. T/S: Here are some Resume items of Jesus on the unbelief of the people 1. Unbelief Is Par Of God’s Prophetic Plan -Vv. 36-38 2. Unbelief Comes With Personal Responsibility And Culpability – V. 38 3. Unbelief Deserves Divine Judicial Judgment – vv. 39-41 4. Unbelief Comes From

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Following Jesus and Serving Others – John 13:1-11

Introduction Reverse order:1-12 Sign then unpacking discourse13-21: Unpacking significance of JeSus departure then Jesus glorification and consequent coming of the Holy spiritHow does John’s chronology of the passion narrative relate to the Chronoly of the Synoptic Gospels?SG indicate that Jesus and his disciples celebrated the Passover together (Mk. 14:2; Lk. 22:15), apparently during the early hours of 15 Nisan (beginning of each day at sundown – 6pm Thursday)2 Calendar theory (little evidence)Jesus Ate a Passover meal with his disciples (synoptics), but it was at a time earlier in the week than the officialpassover, which meant he could still be crucified

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The Confusion of Essentials & Non-essentials in Ministry

Here John MacArthur answers a great question that many people have Is Arminian theology biblical? And, if a church embraces that theology, are they saved? [Can somebody who holds an Arminian view be a Christian?] While I agree with him that an Arminian can be a Christian, even thought their understanding strays from orthodox Christianity. We tend to define the Gospel so narrowly and leave out sanctification and our glorification as part of the Gospel (and “good news” it is). Arminianism truncates the Gospel and that concerns me greatly. I want people to understand and embrace the fullness of the

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John 12:20-36 – The Sufficiency of Christ’s Death

Introduction Progressive unfolding of his deathJohn 10: 11, 15, 17, 18John 11 – resurrection and the lifeJohn 12 – Grain of wheatLife of Salvation – Flows forwards and backwardsAspects of Salvation – Justification, sanctification, and glorification FCF:People don’t believe in the sufficiency of the death and glory of Christ, so they don’t give up their lives to Christ. Theme: Christ death is sufficient for whosoever believes. T/S: The sufficiency of Christ’s Death means… (Realities) 1. We must do more than just admire Jesus – vv. 20-22 2. We must see Death is the way to spiritual life and joy –

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