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April 2006

Promises of Strength and Comfort

Promises of Strength and ComfortJohn 14:12-20Introductory connections Illustration: FrankensteinWhat made Frankenstein is a monster, was the he rebelled against his creator. He went his own way. It is the same for us we become monsters when we rebel against the one who created us. This rebellion creates a waited life. A monstrous life is a wasted life is a rebellious lifeWe have been called to faith in John 14:1-11The faith and the praying (the 2 essential pre-requisites for doing of he ‘greater works”) have their root in an already existing love, which is now to be evidenced by pleasing its

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Tired of Church That Is Irrelevant?

Without a firm emphasis in theology the church has become irrelevant. Here is a good summary: A New Creation in Christ: Tired of Church That Is Irrelevant? see also

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The Comfort of Knowing the Way

The Comfort of Knowing the WayJohn 14:1-11Introductory connections Any other man would have his mind thrown in to a state of uncontrollable agitation Instead of being occupied with what lay before himself, he spent the time in comforting his disciples Disciples understood his references to His coming passion as parables There were sufficient statements (Like when he told the Jews that he was leaving and they couldn’t come, or “his soul as troubled”… 5 results of knowing the way:- To know the way results in you will not be troubled – 1 To know the way results in a life

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Scripture is clear – Hell is Eternal

Here is a article dealing with the issue of the eternalality of Hell: Undying Worm, Unquenchable FireWhat is hell—eternal torment or annihilation? I see this issue as foundational to proclaiming a bilbical Gospel. What do you think? see also

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Essential and less Essential considerations of Doctrine

Historically and linguistically “doctrine” means teachings of the church. Some have been considered essential and some have been considered less essential. Response to the Packet of Material Sent out by Bethel College and Seminary Dated 3/19/99 see also

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