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May 2006

Application Questions for your devotions

Here is a good application (A.p.p.l.i.c.a.t.i.o.n.s) acrostic by Rick Warren that I found at Is there an Attitude to adjust? Is there a Promise to claim? Is there a Priority to change Is there a Lesson to learn? Is there an Issue to resolve? Is there a Command to obey? Is there an Activity to avoid or stop? Is there a Truth to believe? Is there an Idol to tear down? (That’s a big one.) Is there an Offense to forgive? Is there a New direction to take? Is there a Sin to confess? see also

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A Three-Dimensional Approach to Ecclesiastical Cooperation and Separation

The Church: Unity, Cooperation and SeparationHow do we deal with disunity among Christians? It is really that big of a problem. I have struggled much of my ministry with this apparent problem – if one wants to call it a problem. Roman Catholic apologists use disunity as one of their main arguments against the Reformation and its doctrine of Scripture alone. People complain that today that there are tens of thousands of competing denominations each insisting its interpretation of the Bible is the correct one. While this may be confusing to some, I want to ask is it really a

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Memorial Day: The Marks of a Spiritual Leader

On this Memorial day, let us look at one of the hardest part of leadership for most: “leading others without pleasing them.” As we remember men who have given their lives for our freedoms, let us not forget that the path of freedom was paved by men who at their time may have been unpopular with many. Failing to leading others is a spiritual problem when we are seeking to please people. Our country would not be where it is today, if all we had were people pleasers (or should I say media pleasers) at the helm. I have come

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Christ Fortifying His Disciples

Christ Fortifying His DisciplesText:: John 15:17-27Introductory ConnectionsMy condition:Stories:Images:He talked about his friends not he turns towards their enemies.Preparation for persecutionThe more Christ like we re the more we shall be antagonized and sunned.Analogies:Action Words: Important Words:FCF: The disciples tended to get intimidated when facing persecution Subject: Following Jesus Cost the disciples somethingLimiter: but not following Christ would mean that they were sliding with the WorldTheological Focus: God Wards to encourage stabilityAnthropological Focus: True Conversions not spurious conversionProblems (page 1& 3) – Interest, or need Element: Intimation, fear of man, pleasing peoplePurpose: Faith Statement: to stabilize your faith when people hate

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Vine Living

Vine LivingJohn 15:7-16:Introductory ConnectionsIf you are shot down behind enemy lines you are helpless. You need someone to rescue youFCF: Self dependence – lack of conscious helplessness, We don’t realize that apart form him we can do nothing!Subject: Vine life is to draw from Christ’s fullness (preoccupied with his excellency, sufficiency,Complement: Fruit and FriendsPurpose: To make us dependent on God and not ourselves to produce fruitQuestion: What is at stake ?Theme: We need to be must more abiding in Christ Thrust – through dependency in prayerTransition:: 5 issues…Body outline The issue of conformity, regulation, and honor – 7-8 The issue

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Christ the True Vine

Christ the True VineJohn 15:1-6(Farewell fruitfulness )Introductory Comments:Who are the persons addressed? – 11 apostles- believers onlyIn what connection are the addressed? Remote Context (ch. 13-14): Jesus has told us how he will comfort us when he is gone. Now we must bear fruit. Immediate context: There must be resurrection life before there is resurrection fruitWhat is the central topic of address? Not initial salvation or loosing salvation, but the conditions of our fertilityIsrael = vine in OTAbiding refers to fellowshipAssures now that their connection with him and others will not be dissolved.Fruitfulness is the goal Text Subject: Fruitfulness is

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Christ Revitalizing His Disciples

Christ Revitalizing His DisciplesJohn 14:21-31Introductory ConnectionsGrounds of Comfort: 1) He was going to the Father’s house. 2) He would make provision for their coming there. 3) After necessary preparations, He would come and escort them there. 4) He would give them the energy necessary to go along that way. 5) He would not withdraw from the miraculous power which he had conferred upon them – they do greater things. 6) Sufficiency to discharge their calling through prayer. 7) a Divine person shold be sent to supply His places as their guide. 8) Not be left orphans. 9) Apprehend the oneness

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