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March 2007

Me, an approval Junkie?

The sin of pride, which is at the heart of being a people pleaser, is an insideous thing. It seem that there always some individuals that I want to please. I keep wanting to accomodate (not that accomidation is wrong in itself) nonbiblical views and goals rather than boldly confronting them. The more I look to God and his Word the more I realize the sin of pride as an idol of my heart. see also

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Thick Gospel vs. Thin Gospel

Thick Gospel Vs. Thin Gospel Gowing A God-Centered Evangelism When one things about evangelism and reaching peole wioth the Gospel one must look to the Centrality of sovereign, saving grace because the quickening grace of God in salvation completely exalts God. Grace is God-honoring and humanity-humbling. We must see the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a “Thick Gospel” and not a “Thin Gospel. ” You may be asking, What in the world is a “Thick Gospel”? We all know that God initiates grace and that this grace frees us from the rejection of others in Evangelism. We know that evangelism

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Defining Open Theism

Here is a good definition I found of the unbiblical movement called “Open Theism”: Open theism teach that God is not above time, that he does not control all of nature and history, that he does not know the future exhaustively, that he sometimes makes mistakes and changes his plans, and therefoore is in someways dependent on the world. see also

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Evangelism’s Deeper Worship

For Christians to increase their evangelistic zeal, they need to get one thing straight – Evangelism is not an end in itself. Now don’t get me wrong … Evangelism needs to be part of the ultimate mission of the church, but it cannot stand by itself because it cannot sustain itself. As one of the functions of the church, personal evangelism as a wayof life cannot sustain itself apart from joyful woship of the God of all grace through Jesus Christ. Unless we actually treasure Christ above all things, we will find ourselves in idolatry trying in our own stength

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CBUS Apologetics Notes – Monday Night 3/26/07 – Islam History – Dr. Justin Alford

The problem with some of Islamic law is that the threats are earthly in the Hadith and superstitious. Religious tradition can get all of us into trouble and in Islam you can hear some approving of disgusting acts like pedophilia. The 5 Pillars of Islam 1. Profession of Faith – Must recited once in a lifetime correctly and purposely. This is mental assent. The idea of repentance is often absent.2. Prayer – 5 daily. Before prayer there washings which is a religious ritual. The leader faces Mecca and other are behind changing posture and saying “God is Great”Other prayers can

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