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October 2007

2 Samuel 12 – Reconciliation and Greater Grace

God has planned a work in creating and redeeming a people for Himslef. God is seeking and reconciling sinners to himself by grace. David … all » was reconciled to God in 2 Samuel 12 through the revelation of sin. David experienced reconciling grace and learned that 1) God is seeking sinners, 2) God has a effective strategy to bring repentance, 3) God disciplines with furios grace, 4) God give eternal forgiveness, 5) God gives greater grace to bring one to trust him more. Christians must realize that God will not let them stay in a state of sin. God

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Gospel Reductionalism

I appreciate much of this perspecive of evangelism and church life. Having served in a parachurch organization, I have always see Scripture placing the home of evangelism in the community life of the local church. I have been preaching and calling people to submit to the Bible alone (Sola Scriptura, not Sola Scriptura) as the authoirty for all of life, but it seems that people today are satisfied with a partial, truncated, and reductionistic Gospel that makes Evangelism into a huministic endever by defining the Gospel on their own authority. I see many local churchs today who claim to be

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2 Samuel 11 – Flesh, Blood, and Fidelity

This is the famous narrative of David adultery with Bathsheba and murder of Uriah her husband. In the preceding 2 chapters David had delt with those inside Israel (Mephibosheth) and those outside Israel (Hanan) with covenant kindness and loyalty. One would see David’s leadership as one where fidelity was the driving value of his kingdom administration if it were not for Chapter 11. In this chapter David show his divided loyalties between his own desires and his loyalty to God. Fidelity to God in David’s life only went so far it seems. You can learn much about your fidelity to

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2 Samuel 9 – Covenant Kindness

It is easy to be two-faced in our socieity today. It is easy to forget (on purpose) promises that are made because our circumstances change and it is to our advantage to forget promices when we think there are no bad consequences. This is the position David was in, but David made sure that he fulfilled his coveant with Jonathan by showing kindness to Mephibosheth. Normally kings and leaders would eleminate any leaders or family of a former rival kingdom, and thus Mephibosheth had something to fear in coming into King David’s presence. But David in the all important verse

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