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December 2007

Luke 18:1-8 – The Right Kind of Faith

For a church to become a biblical community and make biblical disciples, the members need to cultivate an eternal prepsective and a right … all » view of God’s gracious actions. In this passage Jesus exhorts his disciples to endure, after rebuking and warning the pharisees about his second coming at the end of chapter 17. This explicitly sets the context of the passage on the second coming of Christ (not a secret rapture). The basic questions that is being asked is “Will God Find faith on earth when he comes again? Will the warnings of Jesus to remember Lot’s

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Luke 1:26-38 – When God Breaks In

This passage Marry receives the message that she will give birth to the Creator of the world – Jesus. One can ask 2 basic questions in this … all » passage: 1) How did God break into this world because he exists seperate from this world, and 2) Who is this God who breaks into this world? The reader realizes from the start that God inpregnates marry by the Holy Spirit to provide a sinless human nature for Christ as well as the right linage to the throne of David. The God who breaks in is Christ Jesus and is

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2 Samuel 17 – God’s Kingdom Plan Cannot Fail

In the 17th Chapter of 2 Samuel we are drawn into the espionage and the ntelligence reporting of Hushai of Ahithophel’s plan to destroy … all » David and his followers. Like the main theme of the book we see God sovereignty over the choices and affairs of me when the inspired writer in vese 14 reveals to us that God Himself had ordained (willed, chosen) to defeat the counsel of Ahithophel so that He might bring harm upon Absalom. If you are a christian you can take confort in the will of God by 1) understanding the different meanings

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