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August 2008

Philippians 2.12-18 – Working Out Salvation

God is going to get the glory either in our salvation or in judgment (see Rom. 14). Now that Paul has raised this high Christology he gets practical how what we do in living humbly. Paul gives moree explicit directive as to what it means to live humbly and how we must live out a humble live in the midst of community. We are commanded here to work out our salvation (sanctification) which is our responsibility, but in a way that give God the credit for working in us. This is not a matter of synergism between me and God

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Philippians 2.9-11 – From Humility to Exaltation

The best way to see the exaltation of Christ is to view it on the backdrop of his humiliation in heaven, in incarnation, and in death. Humiliation does not mean embarrassment, slavish service, wimpiness, lack of boldness or ambition or the prideful pursuit of spirituality. We see that in this text that God exaltation of Christ is past (v. 9) and future (vv. 10-11). In the past God super exalted Christ at the right hand of the Father to the glory he had before the world was created. The Lamb of God is worthy and is given a name that

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Philippians 1.27-30 – Heavenly Citizenship

The Life we live matters. Today when people want to define what an Evangelical is we often forget that the Lordship of Christ extends to every area of our lives. We tend to focus on here and now when as Christians we should focus on our heavenly citizenship. We are heirs of the King, but far too often we seek the benefits of this world rather than the heavenly kingdom of which we claim we want to spend eternity. Why would anyone want to have a heavenly citizenship without holiness is just a reflection of how anemic and weak American

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Philippians 1.3-6 – Gospel Participation Produces Joyous Affection

In American Society we are tempted to domesticate the Gospel through secularization, self-indulgence, and pluralism. We don’t want to abandon Christianity but we marginalize and privatize it. We are more concerned about being comfortable and secure than with the truth of the Gospel. Paul’s thanksgiving was joyful in the fact that the Philippians did not marginalize the Gospel of Christ but in fact participated in it. Gospel Fellowship always exceeds all earthly fellowship because it is rooted in God in an eternal quest. We see Paul’s thanksgiving grounded in 3 things: 1) A Thankful Remembrance, 2) A Thankful Fellowship, and

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Philippians 1:1-2 – A Captive Joy

We normally think that Philippians is all about joy, and that is of course a major theme when it flashes forth 16 times. But it is sparked by the deeper themes of Paul’s letter. Philippians calls us to a particular kind of joy – a joy that was experience by Paul in Roman captivity facing a capital charge while his leadership was being contested. In this sermon we will look at acts 16 and see the journey Paul took to get to Philippi with his companions (Luke, Timothy, and Silas) including the Macedonia call by the Spirit of God. Secondly

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Philippians 1.6-8 – Sources of Joyful Affection

Paul bases his affection on the Philippians on the confidence He has in God’s work in their lives. The doctrine known as “The Perseverance of the Saints” (or “Eternal Security”) is an essential orthodox belief that if adamantly rejection will destroy the Gospel of Grace and create another religion foreign to the teachings of Christ. Paul’s affection was not motivated by merely earthly emotions but by Christ’s love for his people. We find in these few verses 3 sources for the affections that Paul had for the Philippians: 1) Affections in the center of his heart, 2) Affections of fellowship,

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Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In Support

Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In Support Tour Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In®Welcome to the online tour of the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In. These short videos demonstrate the different functions of the add-in and how they map to the David Allen Getting Things Done Methodology. This tour demonstrates the basics of the major features of the Add-In. Each section is self contained, so you may explore any or all of the features. To open the tour: Click the link of the tour you would like to review.Click the Play button on the bottom left of the display window. Section Time

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