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April 2009

Power in Preaching: Decide (1 Corinthians 2:1–5)

Raymond C. Ortlund Jr says “Remove wonder-working power from Christianity, and what do you have left? Religious franchises managing community service programs. But is that what we read about in the book of Acts? Biblical Christianity in the world today is an ongoing miracle of God’s gracious power. And if that is so, and it is, then Christian preaching can and must be in divine power. Read Power in Preaching (1 Corinthians 2:1-5) by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. and learn to to be a crucified preacher so that God’s divine power may be displayed.. see also

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A Necessary Preaching Distinction: Extemoraneous vs. Impromptu vs. Manuscript Preaching

I understand that preaching for all of us preachers is personal and something we all desire to improve on with God grace and calling. Michael Gerson’s recent article, What the Teleprompter Teaches, on President Obama’s use teleprompters, and well-crafted words can teach us important lessons. Gerson argues that teleprompters have increased a President’s disciplined thought and communication. Josh Harris says preachers should learn from this and pursue a more disciplined approach to communicating Scripture. Writing is very important for a preacher of the Gospel. Great Writing hones our preaching. We need to spend time in the study reading and writing

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Idol Factory

All of our hearts are idol factories . Richard Gaffin has said “Because we are, each of us, the image of God, we will worship, in fact we must worship, someone or something, either our original, as we should, or, with the illusion that we are the original or our own ultimate point of reference, ourselves. If the latter, we will give ourselves over, with the full, still efficient resources of our imaging capacities, to some figment, some distorted image, focused on ourselves or on some aspect of the world, ultimately seen as an extension of ourselves. What Calvin observed

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