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May 2010

Extemporaneous preaching without notes

Here is an excelled short article on the benefits of preaching without notes. Preaching Manual – Preach without Notes this is part of a “Preaching Manuel” by  by Ian Grant Spong from Australia  see also

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Machen On The Law And The Gospel

Machen On The Law And The Gospel by Tullian TchividjianAs I continue to work through a proper Biblical understanding of the relationship between God’s Law and God’s Gospel, I found this quote from J. Gresham Machen, taken from his book What is Faith? (1925), very helpful: A new and more powerful proclamation of law is perhaps the most pressing need of the hour; men would have little difficulty with the gospel if they had only learned the lesson of the law. As it is, they are turning aside from the Christian pathway; they are turning to the village of Morality,

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The Necessity Of Theology

The Necessity Of Theology by Tullian TchividjianAs I was reading this morning I came across these two remarkable passages concerning the indispensability of theology in the life of the church. The first one comes from Richard Lints’ landmark book of seventeen years ago The Fabric of Theology (still waiting for a follow-up Dr. Lints!). He writes: Theology ought to possess a pride of place in evangelicalism, but, like serious biblical study, it has on the whole been relegated to the backwaters of a few theological seminaries. The study of God is increasingly being replaced by a fascination with the self.

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Goldsworthy: "If something is not what God did in and through the historical Jesus two thousand years ago, it is not the gospel."

Goldsworthy: “If something is not what God did in and through the historical Jesus two thousand years ago, it is not the gospel.”: “ “The gospel is the event (or the proclamation of that event) of Jesus Christ that begins with his incarnation and earthly life, and concludes with his death, resurrection and ascension to the right hand of the Father. This historical event is interpreted by God as his preordained program for the salvation of the world. “The gospel centers on what God did for us in the incarnate Christ in order to save us from sin, the devil

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Should We Marry If We’re Theologically Divided? My Response

Should We Marry If We’re Theologically Divided? My Response: By Dr. Russel Moore A while back I posted a question from Calvin, a Reformed dispensationalist fundamentalist, and Aimee, a Pentecostal, who have fallen in love and want to get married. Their question is too long to repost, but you can find it here. Y’all gave a spirited round of responses. Here are my thoughts on the question. Dear Calvin and Aimee,I’m tempted to start by saying your question has me singing a version of a great song as “Pentecostal Woman, Calvinistic Man, We Get Together Every Time We Can…” But

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James Hamilton: "from start to finish, the OT is a messianic document"

James Hamilton: “from start to finish, the OT is a messianic document”: “ Dr. Hamilton Says: “The use of the OT in the New has been much discussed, with some coming to the conclusion that, to put it simply, the authors of the NT wrongly interpreted the OT. This being the case, their exegesis cannot be legitimately imitated today. Those who come to this conclusion are sometimes mystified as to how the authors of the NT could possibly see a reference to the Messiah in texts the NT applies to him, at points even arguing that particular applications of OT

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JBMW Online

JBMW Online: (Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood)Denny Burk reports:We have introduced a significant change with the release of the latest issue of JBMW. We have moved to an exclusively online format. That means all of our articles will be immediately available for download for anyone who wants to read them. We will still produce two fascicles per year, and the first one for 2010 has just appeared at the CBMW website. Starting with this issue, readers have the option to download the entire journal in one PDF document. Readers can also view individual articles in HTML or download individual

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Why I’m Not Pre-Trib (But I Love Those Who Are)

I enjoyed Why I’m Not Pre-Trib (But I Love Those Who Are)  by Dr. Russel Moore Dr. Moore comments: Here is a lecture I delivered yesterday to some students here at Southern Seminary about the timing of the Rapture. This issue is really controversial in some churches, largely because folks on both sides of the issue can be cantankerous and impatient with one another over something that isn’t “a hill on which to die.” In this talk, I tell our students why I believe there is a single, very public Second Coming of Jesus, after the final “shaking of all things” in

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Imperatives – Indicatives = Impossibilities

I love the following article by Justin Taylor called Imperatives – Indicatives = Impossibilities.  It affirms my believe that promise comes before commands or that all commands are not ment to be obeyed without a promise of enablement and accomplishment from God. Justin Taylor says: The dominant mode of evangelical preaching on sanctification, the main way to motivate for godly living, sounds something like this: You are not _____; You should be _________; Therefore, do or be ________! Fill in the blank with anything good and biblical (holy; salt and light; feed the poor; walk humbly; give generously; etc.). This is

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Dr. Al Mohler on future of SBC

this is from last year but still very insighful about the future of the SBC from Dr. Albert Mohler. I especially loved his analogies of comparing the SBC to GM and a mall. see also

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