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July 2010

Are There Two Wills in God? Yes.

The concept of the 2 wills of God has explained so much when considering the breath of Scriptural commands and relating those to God’s will.  It is just a great truth to understand and apply in your teaching of the Scriptures Are There Two Wills in God? Yes.: “ (Author: Tyler Kenney) If you’ve never before heard about the existence of two wills in God, I recommend reading John Piper’s article, “Are There Two Wills in God?” (which is also an appendix in the book The Pleasures of God).In essence, what the doctrine states is that there are… well… two

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Simplify Your Spiritual Life

We all need to simplify our lives.  Dr. Donald Whitney has helped me look at my spritiual life from a good and helpful perspective considering all the demands on my time. Simplify Your Spiritual Lifeby Dr. Donald WhitneySimplify Your Spiritual Life Does your spiritual life sometimes seem more like a burden than a blessing? Does your spirituality seem to exhaust you as often as it refreshes you? Have your spiritual practices become “just another thing to do” in an already overcrowded, stress-filled schedule? If so, then you need to simplify your spiritual life. We should expect part of true spirituality

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Gospel-Centered Assimilation �

Being Gospel Driven is something I am trying to get my hands consistently around without imposing my paradigm on to the scriptural intent of ministry. Here is a great article by Joe Thorn that is helping me to that end:   Gospel-Centered Assimilation � see also

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Theology Can Kill �

Theology Can Kill by Joe Thorn Depending on the tribe you belong to, the term “pastor/theologian” might be seen either as a redundant, or oxy-moronic expression. Some view the pastor as a practitioner, and the theologian as a theoretician; two separate roles. Others, like those of us in Acts 29, understand the pastor to be a leading theologian among the people he is called by God shepherd. At the recent Acts 29 Bootcamp in Louisville, KY I was given the opportunity to lead a break out session in the Pastor as Resident Theologian Track. The title of my session was,

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Key Quote from "A Form of Sound Words" by Charles Spurgeon

Charles Surgeon: Form of Sound Words, p. 634-636 2 Timothy 1:13 “In the first place, every deviation from truth is a sin. It is not simply a sin for me to do a wrong act, but it is a sin for me to believe a wrong doctrine. Lately our ministers have absolved us all from obeying God in our judgments; they have told us point blank, (many of them, in their drawing-rooms, and some of them in the pulpit) that we shall never be asked in the day of judgment what we believed. We have been told that for our

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What You CAN Do When Your Church is Failing

Here is an encouraging article by Jim Elliff for pastors who may be struggling. What You CAN Do When Your Church is Failing: “by Jim Elliff You’re stuck. The church you once loved is now sliding downhill. Some are disgruntled, leadership is faltering, attendance is low, fellowship is almost non-existent, and interest in improvement is weak. Even the building reflects the neglect of dispassionate saints. What should you do? I realize the problem is systemic, but there are some things that may yet be done to revitalize the church. I’m not going to give you the main things (restoring regenerate

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A Grassroots GCR: Every Church, a Church Planting Church

A Grassroots GCR: Every Church, a Church Planting Church: “ Bring It Back – A Grassroots GCR: Every Church, a Church Planting ChurchBy Tim Brister Essentially, a commitment to the Great Commission inherently requires a passion for church planting. Christ gave this commission to the local church, and yet less than 15% of churches have owned it to the point of actively being involved in planting churches.[1] The question that must be asked then is why 85% of churches in North America are not engaged in the Great Commission to the point of making disciple-making disciples who form into church

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Becoming a Biblical Community

For a church to become a biblical community and make biblical disciples, the members need to cultivate an eternal prepsective and a right  view of all of God’s gracious actions. In this passage Jesus exhorts his disciples to endure, after rebuking and warning the pharisees about his second coming at the end of chapter 17. This explicitly sets the context of the passage on the second coming of Christ (not a secret rapture). The basic questions that is being asked is “Will God Find faith on earth when he comes again? Will the warnings of Jesus to remember Lot’s wife,

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