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August 2010

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A working Definition of Biblical Theology

Here is a short definition of Biblical theology that I am working on, compiling and editing as I keep reading: Biblical Theology is responding to the way the Bible is.  Biblical Theology is responding to the fact that the Bible is an overall unity and structure.  Biblical Theology sees each book of the Bible making its own contribution to the over all picture of God and his plan that climaxes in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Biblical Theology is trying to understand how every part of the bible relates to every other part and more specifically how every part of

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Law and Grace

‘Ask Phillip’ – ‘If we’re not under law, why still read the 10 commandments in church?’ from Audio Advice on Vimeo.Phillip Jensen is often asked questions. This is one forum where he answers them. For more from Phillip, go to see also

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Pragmatism: Modernism Recycled

Pragmatism: Modernism Recycled: “(By John MacArthur) Is Pragmatism Really a Serious Threat? I am convinced that pragmatism poses precisely the same subtle threat to the church in our age that modernism represented nearly a century ago. Modernism was a movement that embraced higher criticism and liberal theology while denying nearly all the supernatural aspects of Christianity. But modernism did not first surface as an overt attack on orthodox doctrine. The earliest modernists seemed concerned primarily with interdenominational unity. They were willing to downplay doctrine for that goal, because they believed doctrine was inherently divisive and a fragmented church would become

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Articles | I Will Build My Church (the challenge of church planting) | Phillip Jensen

I appreciate this article on Church planting by Phillip Jensen I Will Build My Church (the challenge of church planting) by Phillip Jensen Perhaps it is because whenever we read the verse, we think of claims to papal power and the need to prove that Peter was not the first pope. Whatever the reason, we often forget the other more positive side of Matthew 16:18. “I will build my church.” This is a momentous statement, for it describes Jesus’ program for the future. At this point in Matthew’s Gospel, the storm clouds are gathering. In the very next paragraph Jesus

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Articles | The Strategy Of God | Phillip Jensen

Here is a great article about God’s strategy in the Gospel to grow his Church.  It shows how God the Father is the planner, Christ, (God the Son) is the builder, and the Holy Spirit, God the Spirit, is the evangelist. In this he makes a distinction between God’s strategy and our Tactics in ministry.  One the most helpful quotes for my application includes: Our problem is that we think too highly of our tactics, and even confuse them with the strategy. We think that if only we come up with the right tactical moves, then success will be ours, and

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Nine Step Guide to Studying Theology (or Any Issue)

I appreciate Michael Patton over at Parchment and Pen giving these beneficial steps to studying theology: Nine Step Guide to Studying Theology (or Any Issue): “1. Pray for an open mind and heart While people can intellectually understand truth without the Holy Spirit moving in their heart, no one can accept the truth without his influence (1Cor 2:14-15). The same goes for us as Christians. We may study and have all the information in the world—even the right information—but this does not mean that we are going to be capable of accepting the truth. In other words, the acquisition of

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