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September 2010

Head, heart, and Hand

John Broadus and William Shed give reasons to preach without notes:  Preaching without notes (1) – Head Heart Hand  by Dr. David Murray – Follower of Christ– Preacher of the Gospel– Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.– President of Head Heart Hand Media, a new Christian film company see also

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Eyeball to eyeball

What do you do when you loose your notes before you preach. You just preach:  Eyeball to Eyeball  Five tips for preaching without notes. An article by Steve Mathewson Here are some strategies to help you as you attempt to preach in a way which I  believe is most beneficial for 90% of pastors.  Try it.  It is probably better than what you are doing now. see also

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Notes or no notes?

I preach usually at least twice a week-often more-and find that by using hardly any notes – an outline on one side of a sheet of paper that I have to know my text, preaching point, and sermonic outline very very well. In the past I used full notes, but have grown to realize (for me at least) that full notes can lead to more of a historical or exgetical lecture than actually shepherding people with God’s Word.  Biblical Preaching Notes or No Notes? by Peter Mead  see also

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Overcoming the Fear of Preaching Without Notes |

Overcoming the Fear of Preaching Without Notes | Yes, there is fear going to preach without any of your notes that you develped during the week, but it is better because when you use notes you tend to plagiarize yourself – you become a reporter and lack power in preaching.  Without notes you enter into discovery mode as you preach, which will give you more power, more ability to adapt to the situation of the moment, and more connectedness with the people you are preaching to. see also

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5 Top Priorities for Increasing Your Church

This is simple and easy to understand.  The clearity of this article should be practices in decision of many more churches.  Don’t try to be minister and preach too others like the “peace that passes all understanding.”  5 Top Priorities for Increasing Your Church: “ see also

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Grudem’s “Politics According to the Bible”

Here is a great book review of a new book by Dr. Grudem by Justin Taylor.  I agree that the reason I am conservative politically is not because of my a priori beliefs, but because the Christian Worldview insists on faithfulness to God’s standards. Grudem’s “Politics According to the Bible”: “ Wayne Grudem’s new book releases today from Zondervan: Politics—According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture (664 pages). The book is divided into two parts: (1) Basic Principles and (2) Specific Issues, as outlined below: Part 1: Basic PrinciplesChapter 1: Five Wrong Views about

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5 Things I Want From a Sermon | Soul Preaching Ministries

5 Things I Want From a Sermon | Soul Preaching Ministries 5 Things I Want From a Sermon by Sherman Haywood Cox II – January 23, 2007 After listening to a sermon, I thought about what I want in the sermon. Here are a few of the primary things that I want from a sermon. I especially want these things from a black preacher preaching a black sermon. 1. One Thought Please have only one main thought and supporting thoughts. As I think about some of the more difficult sermons that I have listened to I begin to realize that

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