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October 2010

Memorising Scripture

Memorising Scripture: “ by John Brand (encourage expository excellence)It’s nearly two months since I posted on memorising scripture as a discipline in itself but also as part of sermon preparation (here). It’s nearly two months since went live, encouraging the memorising of longer passages of Scripture, rather than just isolated texts, important and necessary as that is. I thought I’d flag it up again by way of mentioning that we currently have about 60 people from all around the world memorising passages of Scripture and in the last 7 weeks or so have learned Psalms 1 and 19, 2 John

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Leading Without Power

by John Pearson John Pearson and Associates Even though I quote Max De Pree several times a month, I was surprised in looking back at my previous 198 book reviews that I’ve only reviewed one of his books, Leadership Is an Art. De Pree was chairman and CEO of Herman Miller, Inc. (the office furniture manufacturer). He wrote that a financial analyst once asked him, “What is one of the most difficult things that you personally need to work on?”  De Pree’s answer: “The interception of entropy.”  How many leaders ponder that one? So when I was in Chicago last Monday

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Does It Make Sense?

Does It Make Sense?: ” by Peter MeadIt seems obvious, but it needs to be said. When we speak we need to make sure we make sense. There are various reasons why we may not make sense to our listeners. Here are a few to be aware of:1. Obscure Language – If you obfuscate using technical, rare or archaic vocabulary, then you will lose folks. They will probably still compliment you on your “deep” message, but be alert enough to spot the implication of that encouraging feedback!2. Unknown Illustrations – Your illustration from the world of online war games, submarine

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What We Believe | New Covenant Theology

2What We Believe | New Covenant Theology Submitted by Randy Seiver on Mon, 09/13/2010 – 00:40 We believe there is only one God, creator of heaven and earth. This God exists in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three are one God, the same in substance, equal in power and glory. We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the only rule to teach us what we must believe and practice (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We believe that all are sinners by nature and by choice. All are guilty before God and deserve

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A Good Test Case for Your Understanding of Law and Gospel

A Good Test Case for Your Understanding of Law and Gospel: “Can you explain how each of these declarations in 1 Corinthians 9:20-21 are true and simultaneously coherent? Paul was not under the law. For evangelistic purposes Paul at times functioned as one under the law. Paul was not outside the law. For evangelistic purposes Paul at times functioned as outside the law. Paul was under the law of Christ. Paul never acted outside the law of Christ. One observation which runs contrary to a lot of approaches to Pauline theology: in none of these does “law” refer to a

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Parchment and Pen � What is the “New Calvinism”? . . . And Are You a Part of It?

Parchment and Pen � What is the “New Calvinism”? . . . And Are You a Part of It? by Michael Patton at Parchment and Pen The “New Calvinism” is not essentially a new form of Calvinism. Theologically, it is not really any different. Well, I take that back. The New Calvinist’s do all accept the five points of Calvinism as well as monergistic regeneration and have a very high view of the sovereignty of God which, I would argue, is the bedrock of traditional Calvinism. I will get to the differences in a bit. “The New Calvinism” is simply a designation given for the 21st century resurgence of Calvinism among

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Post Sermon Review

Post Sermon Review:  by Peter Mead The old adage says practice makes perfect. I have to agree with Haddon Robinson and Howard Hendricks in disputing that. Practice makes ingrained. Perhaps perfect practice makes perfect, or maybe evaluated and critiqued practice makes perfect. But if you do something over and over, without constructive improvement, it won’t suddenly become good, it will simply become ingrained and hard to fix. So after we preach, we need to review. What should self-review include? I think there is a place for feedback from others and I have written about that on this site. But in

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Parchment and Pen � Do Roger Olson and I Worship the Same God?

While I disagree with Michael Patton in his view of Rodger Olson as balanced and calm on theological issues (he is anything but balanced, rational, and calm), I find the following post by Michael Patton generally balanced, faithful to Biblical Truth, and helpful to understand:  Parchment and Pen – Do Roger Olson and I Worship the Same God? by Michael Patton on 20 Sep 2007  You may be surprised to know that my series of blogs this week was inspired by Roger Olson, a man I respect very deeply. Although I don’t agree with him on many theological issues concerning salvation and theology proper, his scholarship, winsome writing

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Arguing Doesn’t Do Any Good? Sure It Does! | Clay Jones

Arguing Doesn’t Do Any Good? Sure It Does! | Clay Jones Clay Jones states: …since “argue” means to give reasons for what you believe, then that is precisely what we should be doing. If anything, many Christians should do it much more than they do. Consider that Christ and the apostles argued a lot and, well, WWJD, then we should too. I agree.  Do you agree or not? see also

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