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November 2010

Is Expositional Preaching Really Enough?

Is Expositional Preaching Really Enough?: “by Michael Patton of Parchment and Pen I love to preach. Arguably, I love to preach more than I love to teach. Yes, there is a difference. But I am getting ahead of myself . . . I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) in 2001 with my ThM. I had a double major in New Testament and in Pastoral Ministries. The pastoral ministries department is concerned with practical hands-on training such as the teaching process, leadership development, and counseling. I even had to take a course in the use of media (which came down

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How churches lose the plot, Part III – Reformation21 Blog

Here is a good series on our tendency to engage in historical drift into liberalism: How churches lose the plot and go liberal , Part I How churches lose the plot and go liberal, Part II How churches lose the plot and go liberal , Part III How churches lose the plot and go liberal, Part IV see also

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Lead 10 Audio

Lead 10 Audio:Lead 10 is a conference recently held in Auburn, Maine hosted by Josh Cousineau. This is the second year, and the main speakers were Bob Thune (author of The Gospel Centered Life) and Bill Streger. Jared Wilson also shared about gospel wakefulness in breakout sessions.  it is about the  most needed subject matter (the gospel). I encourage you to download the 13 MP3′s below. It is definitely worth a listen. Check them out. What Is the Gospel? | Q&A by Bob Thune Gospel Hype | Q&A by Bill Streger The Gospel and the Ordinary | Q&A by Bill

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John Davis : Hermeneutical Issues in the Dispensational Understanding of the Abrahamic Covenant – Quodlibet Journal

Here is a great article on a correct understanding of interpreting the Bible according to its canonical context.  This helps all students of Scripture undrstand what is meant byLiteral interpretation,Bifurcation of the material in the two TestamentsTheological CorrespondenceProgressive RevelationTypologyGrammatical-historical InterpretationThe Unity of the covenantsI love some of these quotes in this article including: Why could not the Old Testament revelation be thought of as the grain of sand, which, after entering the oyster of progressive revelation, has the pearl of additional and deeper concepts added to it without necessarily canceling out the original grain of sand (Fuller 1957, 233)? The history of exegesis

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A Little Something Called Context

It seems that Atheists don’t do their homework when they read Literature like the Bible.  One must engage the Authors of the Bible (Both God and man) and their presuppositions and contexts to understand meaning.  It seems that when people don’t, they can incorrectly invent any discrepancies in the Bible that they want.  The following link is a refutation of an atheist’s misinterpretation of Scripture by Douglas Wilson. A Little Something Called Context see also

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A Justification Debate Long Overdue – The Gospel Coalition Blog

A Justification Debate Long Overdue – The Gospel Coalition Blog Collen Hansen summarizes the Evangelical Theological Society proceedings this last week where Dr. Thomas Schreiner and Dr. N. T. Wright engaged in a debate over justification.                      I remained convinced that “Justification” is a soteriological issue and that Dr. Shreiner is correct in his critique of N.T. Write’s view of justification.  It is reported in this article (that you should read for yourself) that  are three false polarities that Shreiner said Wright perpetuates: Wright argues that justification is primarily about ecclesiology instead of soteriology. Wright says Israel’s fundamental problem

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Pastoral Interview

The following questions are from a interview I did with a student at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. 1) What is the most important thing for a pastor to know? Genuinely Knowing Christ (not a false convert) and that God is the goal of the Gospel (not life enhancements). Thus his ministry must be based on proclaiming the Gospel through exposition of the Word. (Eph. 4:1-4). One could say the same thing by stating “please or love God first, not men” in all you do. (Hebrews 11:6, Revelation 2:4-6). 2) What has kept you going when things are going hard in the ministry?

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Eschatology + Ecclesiology Equation is a Big Variable in Your Biblical Theology

The chart below is used to explain the overall landscape of the relationship Ecclesiology (doctrine of the church) to Eschatology (Doctrine of last things or end times).  Along the spectrum of Ecclesological position that people take today is Classical Covenant Theology (CCT) at one end and Classical Dispensational theology (CDT) at the other end (CCT—————————————CDT), with several options in the middle (one of which is New Covenant Theology (what is what I currently hold to).  Both sides would claim that they hold to a literal interpretation of the bible. Chart Link:Understanding the Big picture of Eschatology and its relationship to Ecclesiology

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