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December 2010

Defending Imputation of Active Obedience of Christ

Even though some with New Covenant Theology deny that active obedience of Christ but only affirm the passive obedience of Christ, I cannot go there.  Here is a good article defending Biblical Imputation of Righteousness:  Defending Imputation of Active Obedience of Christ see also

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Bible Reading Plans, Daily One Year Schedule

Here is a way to stay accountable to reading through the Bible in 2011 by using a customized Bible reading progress tracking chart. Several Bible Reading Plans, Daily One Year ScheduleBook oder, Chronological, Classic, Old Testament/New Testament, Prof. Horner Reading system My Opinion on the absolute importance of Reading the Bible according to a plan: There is no other way to get the BIG PICTURE of God’s plan of redemption or history of Salvation which is necessary to interpret any verses you study in bible study correction. We must be about placing the individual texts of scritpure into their canonical context

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More info on Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System

PDF Download – Professor Horner’s Bible Reading system Grant Horner is a professor at the Master’s College in Southern Califonia. Click HERE to read an interview with him to learn a little bit about the man behind the plan.       Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan « Pastor Brett      The How tos for Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan I’ve seen connections in the Bible I haven’t seen before! That would happen anytime I’m reading the Bible, but the variety and amount of chapters read make these connections all the more likely. My only draw back three weeks into this reading is that I

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Bible Reading Plans for your Devotionals for 2011

Here are some Bible Reading plans to choose from this next year.  I always advise people to read through the Bible Every year, because it is one of the few says one can get the “Big Picture” of Scripture solidified in their hearts in order to interpret individual passages better in their canonical context. ESV Bible Reading Plans The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan Read through the Bible Program for Shirkers and Slackers Book-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan Heartlight Daily Bible Reading plans PDF Download – Professor Horner’s Bible Reading system – Grant Horner is a professor at the Master’s College in Southern Califonia.

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Ten Myths About Calvinism

Below Michael Patton gives an excellent understanding of Genuine Biblical theology that is so mischaracterized by some who do not want to hold to right theological tension that is found in the scriptures. It disappoints me to see people build straw men of this position (or any other position) and then tear down that straw man position that doesn’t exist. I am sure that many Christians who hold to different theological positions have experienced as well.  We Christians up to hold the whole counsel of God with the tension it reveals, instead of trying to relieve the tension by denying part

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File Backup, File Synchronization, File Storage in the Cloud

In researching file backup, File access across platforms, file synchronization, etc. I have come across some options.    While you can see information on DropBox here (which I use the free version), SurgarSync may be the best of all.   See how SurgarSync stacks up to the following competition: SurgarSync Dropbox, MobileMe Carbonite Mozy at  What do you think? You can use Surgar Sync with a 5 GB Free Plan – No a trial but a free account with no cradit cards and no monthly payment at – The new Windows Live suite ( includes three different services for file storage and online synchronization. They are called Live Mesh, Windows Live Sync and Windows Live

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Plan of Evangelism by Glenn Leatherman

The fuel and goal of all evangelism is true heartfelt worship that celebrates and enjoys God. The Evangelism that flows from God-centered worship are the bookends (so to speak) of Disciplemaking that obeys the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). I believe in evangelism and missions because I believe its necessity is taught in the Bible. People have broken God’s law and are in need a savior to save them from the wrath of God. The Bible declares that “there is one God, and [only] one mediator also between God and men, the man Jesus Christ.” (1 Timothy 2:5). This is why we must

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“Grinch Alert” – The Battle for Christmas Gets Just Plain Silly by DAVE MILLER

“Grinch Alert” – The Battle for Christmas Gets Just Plain Silly: “by Dave Miller at SBC Voices Even good people can sometimes do some bewildering things. I have no axe to grind with either Dr. Robert Jeffress or the people of First Baptist Church of Dallas. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that their foray into the “War on Christmas” was not a good idea. They created a website called “Grinch Alert.” ( At Grinch Alert, you can keep track of whether local businesses are “Naughty” or “Nice.” The sole rubric for judgment here is

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Here is a great lecture by Dr. John Carrick on Extemporaneous preaching and the need for it as the primary method of delivery sermons.   He sums up this method in the end in contrast by saying “Paper is a very porr medium from which to carry fire.”  Listen and enjoy and let me know what you think if this. – The Extemporaneous Mode of Preaching Summary of message: Dr. John Carrick believes that the best mode or method of delivery of sermons is the extemporaneous method by a long shot.  he even gives the example of Jonathan Edwards move toward an extemporaneous

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