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March 2011

Urgent Recommendation: "Jesus: The Only Way to God" Audio Book

Description: If the evangelical church at large was ever too confrontational in its evangelism, those days are gone. In our shrinking, pluralistic world, the belief that Jesus is the only way of salvation is increasingly called arrogant and even hateful. In the face of this criticism, many shrink back from affirming the global necessity of knowing and believing in Jesus. In Jesus, the Only Way to God, John Piper offers a timely plea for the evangelical church to consider what is at stake in surrendering the unique, universal place of Jesus in salvation.Free Audio Book (Till 3/31/2011) I am listening

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Application of an Optical Illusion

Over at Calvinistic Cartoons that put this up and asked for a way to apply this optical illusion (Believe it or not, even though it appears to be wobbly every line is perfectly parallel) to a bible study or to a theological issue.  I want to know the same thing.  How would you use this to teach a theological lesson or begin a Bible study? see also

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Atonement Articles

Here are some articles to read that I promised I would give to my Theology Class.  The Nature of the Atonement Why And For Whom Did Christ Die?by Phil Johnson The Love of God and the Intent of the Atonement  by D. A. Carson,  research professor of New Testament at  Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. Theories of the Atonement by Leon Moris The Doctrine of Atonement by John G. Reisinger The Doctrine of Atonement – Part 1 The Doctrine of Atonement – Part 2 The Doctrine of Atonement – Part 3 Limited Atonement – An Editorial  see also

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OT Believers and their relationship with the Holy Spirit

Here are the articles about OT Believers and their relationship with the Holy Spirit that I promised to give you.  The first article by Dr. Jim Hamilton is the best in my opinion. Were OT Beleivers Indwelt by the Holy Spiritby Dr. Jim Hamilton. His ConclusionWere old covenant believers indwelt by the Holy Spirit? No. They did not need to be.  God dwelt in the temple. He was thereby with them. How did old covenant believers become and remain faithful? They became faithful by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, which in the OT is described more as ‘circumcision of the heart’ (cf.

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MSNBC Host Makes Rob Bell Squirm: "You’re Amending The Gospel…

Oh, how good it is to see that that those who were decrying Justin Taylor for His criticism did not really understand the issue at all.  You don’t have to read everything to make a comment and discern wether a writer is orthodox in his theology or not.  One can, should, and do make educated judgments based on previous experience, understandings, evidences. Those that complained about Taylor and Piper need to become much more discerning rather than trying to sound intelligent.   Justin Taylor Commented on this video:  Martin Bashir is a reporter impatient with evasive answers. He even quotes from Kevin DeYoung’s review and asks Rob Bell

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