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October 2011

Good Resources on Biblical Worship

Good Resources on Biblical Worship: Over at his blog, Between Two Worlds, my friend Justin Taylor has posted links to a number of messages on worship that were given at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Speakers include David Peterson, John Frame, Kevin Twit, Harold Best, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Michael Card, Jason Harms, and yours truly. Over 50 messages, all with links. Check out the lectures here. see also

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How to Think on Your Feet

You will not be able to extemporize good thinking unless you have been in the habit of thinking and feeding your mind with abundant and nourishing food. Work hard at every available moment. Store your minds very richly, and then, like merchants with crowded warehouses, you will have goods ready for your customers, and having arranged your good things upon the shelves of your mind, you will be able to hand them down at any time without the laborious process of going to market, sorting, folding, and preparing. . . . Take it as a rule without exception, that to

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The Formula Problem

Here is a good article that demonstrate why formulas don’t work in ministry.  It replaces form for function. It trades purpose for a vehicle which one is unable to adapt to ministry changes.  Here are some questions I think we all need to ponder: How have we left the Gospel when require a certain formula in our evangelism because it brings about some results that we want? Is having a ‘common language,’ a ‘common experience’, a “common ritual,’ necessary or should it be a desired result of our evangelism? Where is our tradition anti-scriptural or anti-Christ? Do we trust in our ritualistic services

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How to Evaluate a Church by Jeff Keeney

How to Evaluate a Church: by Jeff Keeney of  Gospel Centric With a church on just about every corner in many parts of the U. S. and very few churches in other parts of the country, how do you know which church to attend? Why do people go to a specific church? Is it because of the building, or the programs or people? Is it because of correct doctrine, or solid gospel-centered preaching? Or maybe its just convenient? Maybe some of these questions seem silly, but what do people that are looking for a church to call home look for

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Gospel Polemics, Part 1 – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Gospel Polemics, Part 1 – The Gospel Coalition Blog: Archibald Alexander, the first faculty member at Princeton Theological Seminary, was given the title “professor of didactic and polemic theology.” That seems a bit startling to us, because the term polemical in our day has an almost purely negative connotation. However, in the original plan of Princeton seminary, polemical theology was seen as a discipline separate from the positive exposition of systematic theology. Alexander taught this as a distinct course that distinguished orthodoxy from all opposing views. If you look at the list of the subjects he covers, it is striking

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