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July 2012

Tim Keller’s Explanation of Christian Consistency in Using Old Testament Law

Tim Keller writes a useful article on how Christians should use the Old Testament and why we don’t adhere to all the “clean” laws in it.  What initially concerned me though is that he does see the change in how we live in the New Testament does differ as Disciples of Christ from the Old Testament.  When he states, the coming of Christ changed how we worship but not how we live I do think it changes how we live.  Pastor Wade Burleson explains my idea: The coming of Christ changes everything about the way we live. We are now people led

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Determine which Books to Read

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to see if you should read a book or if you should recommend a book to others.  Does It Draw Its Truth from Scripture? Is It Faithful to the Bible? Does It Have a Gospel Focus? Does It Lead To Other Sound Teaching? Is It Well-Written? Does It Advance a Discussion? You can read an article by Tim Challes on this at 5 Questions To Ask of a Book see also

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Preaching In A Media-Saturated Culture

Against Preaching: Preaching In A Media-Saturated Culture: This post is part of The Disciple Making Preacher series by NATHAN CREITZ. This series attempts to answer those who are against preaching and to propose that preaching is an irreplaceable means of disciple making in the church today. The prophets of doom in today’s Church are confidently predicting that the day of preaching is over. It is a dying art, they say, an outmoded form of communication, ‘an echo from an abandoned past’. John Stott Modern forms of communication have had a profound effect on preaching, preachers, and parishioners today. Some preachers have shortened their

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Is Our Fight Against Sin a Fight to Worship?

I cannot tell you how much I agree with this biblical directive.  The reason I have a problem with habbitual sin is because I don’t worship God like I should.  Tony Reinke at Desiring God quotes the following from a sermon by Tim Keller which you can down load here. Here is the quote: If you are a Christian and you are dealing with enslaving habits, it’s not enough to say, “Bad Christian, stop it.” And it is not enough to beat yourself up or merely try harder and harder and harder. The real reason that you’re having a problem

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Andrew Fuller on seeing Baptists prosper

Andrew Fuller If we wish to see the Baptist denomination prosper, we must not expend our zeal so much in endeavouring to make men Baptists, as in labouring to make Baptists and others Christians. -Andrew Fuller see also

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The Disciple Making Preacher

The Disciple Making Preacher: Nathan Creitz see his blog at Preaching is under attack. Many have already abandoned preaching for newer, more trendy methods. Others have decided that Jesus and the apostles never preached the way we preach today. Still others have problems with authority. Finally, there are some who simply have never heard a good sermon or have never delivered one themselves and have concluded that sermons are ineffective in the church. Some have not only abandoned preaching but have made it their mission to preach an anti-preaching message. They constantly oppose the straw man preacher who hides behind

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Two Churches that Closed Down the “Show” |

The following article is an excellent example why consuerism is a bankrupt philosophy of ministry in the local church.  It will not reproduce disciplemaking disciples, but tends to encourage nominal Christianity.   Two Churches that Closed Down the “Show” | I have not read this book, but the article has many good biblical presuppositions about building a Biblical Philosophy of Ministry. What do you think?  Is Consumerism a good model for a ministry philosophy or not?  How should a church or pastor get the gospel out into the community?  Will people listen without a consumeristic approach?   How does God build the church and

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