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January 2013

An Exposition of the Book of Revelation – 81 part Series (MP3s)

MP3CD Giveaway! An Exposition of the Book of Revelation (MP3 CDs)Arturo G. Azurdia III (Speaker)Re-Released! Many people have been deeply affected by this series and we cannot recommend its content more highly. We are confident that it will be a rich blessing to you and your family. see also

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Gospel Centered Life Study

  Gospel Centered Life – Lesson 1 – (Example of Material)   This is a example lesson that is part of a small group bible study that teaches pastors and all Christians to see their life as Gospel centered and how one can teach and preach the gospel to believers and have it not be just tacking on of forgivness and milk instead of meat.  The “Gospel Grid” Article is excellent.  This is part of the Sonship Discipling Curriculum that I like, and am planning to use.   Here is a quote from lesson one of the Bible Study: Many Christians live with a truncated

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Extemoprizing Your Thinking When You Preach

You will not be able to extemporize good thinking unless you have been in the habit of thinking and feeding your mind with abundant and nourishing food. Work hard at every available moment. Store your minds very richly, and then, like merchants with crowded warehouses, you will have goods ready for your customers, and having arranged your good things upon the shelves of your mind, you will be able to hand them down at any time without the laborious process of going to market, sorting, folding, and preparing. Take it as a rule without exception, that to be able to

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Try Nudgemail to get your inbox to Zero (0) . . This may be very helpful to you to get your inbox to 0, and it doesn’t require any apps.   Nudgemail, allows you to set alerts for events by sending the service an e-mail with the time you want to be reminded in the To field. You can also forward messages to Nudgemail and have them sent back to you when you are ready for them.   The easiest way to send yourself reminders! Remember everything!Seriously, whether it’s following up on a good lead or picking up your anniversary present, with NudgeMail you have no excuse. Works in your emailUsing NudgeMail

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The Death of the Mall and the Future of Church Buildings

See if you can agree with this trend that Tom Rainer writes about.   “…Fewer of these large churches will have large facilities. More will have smaller worship centers and multiple venues, many with multiple gathering times and days.  The trend in smaller facilities will not be limited to just the largest of churches. Churches of all sizes will “downsize.” Or, as an alternative, they will not build larger the first moment the capacity feels challenged in their worship services.  A Boomer church leader looks at a small building and limited acreage and sees challenges. He sees the limitations of

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Gospel Centered Preaching vs. Informational Preaching

The “informational” view of preaching conceives of preaching as changing people’s lives after the sermon. They listen to the sermon, take notes, and then apply the Biblical principles during the week. But this assumes that our main problem is a lack of compliance to Biblical principles, when all our problems are actually due to a lack of joy and belief in the gospel. Our real problem is that Jesus’ salvation is not as real to our hearts as the significance and security our idols promise us. If that’s our real problem, then the purpose of preaching is to make Christ

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How To Deliver a Talk Without Using Notes

Here is a repost of a blog post by Carey Nieuwhof, who is the lead pastor of Connexus Community Church.  It is a topic that I find very important today for communicators, preachers, pastors of the Gospel.  so much preaching could be disiminated by giving people USB drives of the text of the sermon and let them read it.  It is my passionate quest to preach without notes and this article is very helpful.  So read on an enjoy How To Deliver a Talk Without Using Notes: When I was just starting to speak publicly, I was always amazed by communicators who

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The Good God has a Plan for Evil

Here is a great article about correctly framing an important question of our day – How can a good and sovereign God allow such evil in the world?  by  Joey Newton.  I appreciate Joey’s reframing of the question to “How can a holy God do good to us who are evil?“ Evil and the Purposes of God He states a great presupposition necessary for answering this question by saying God’s wisdom exceeds our own. It is impossible to answer all the why questions, especially in specific cases of suffering. We just don’t know, but our good God does. “The secret things

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