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February 2013


TGC Mobile | Article | Driscoll, Who Do You Think I Am? In Who Do You Think You Are? (Thomas Nelson, 2013), Driscoll works from Ephesians to expose our insecure hearts to the Spirit’s scalpel. Identity surgery isn’t painless, but it is vital. With a pastor’s touch, Driscoll shows how our identity before the Father is secure when we’re tethered to the Son by faith—and how remembering this “one thing” changes “everything.” see also

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Kingdom through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the Covenants

Let me recommend the following book:  Kingdom Through Covenant – A Biblical-Theological understanding of the Covenants by Peter J. Gentry and Stephen J. Wellum .. I am currently reading the 3rd chapter where the authors talk about the Bible as a “Word Act Revelation” which is very enlightening and beneficial.   Here are some quotes:  …”Events are never left as self-interpreting, there  was always a divinely initiated prophetic or apostolic word of interpretation.  …. without God’s acts the words would be empty, without his words the acts would be blind.”   It is not enough to read the scripture in a “thin” manner, i.e.,

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I am first of all a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. I affirm Evangelical Christian beliefs as well as  Gospel driven in philosophy of ministry. I am married to Ann and am raising 2 wonderful boys – Jonathan and Andrew. My purpose is to build disciplemaking disciples that are becoming fishers of men in fully displaying of God’s Glory in all things. Learn more

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