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March 2013

Resurrection Truths

The truth of the resurrection gives life to every other area of gospel truth. The resurrection is the pivot on which all of Christianity turns and without which none of the other truths would much matter. Without the resurrection, Christianity would be so much wishful thinking, taking its place alongside all other human philosophy and religious speculation. John MacArthur 1 Corinthians, Moody, 1984, p. 398.  Furthermore, a close study of the text nowhere suggests that the stone of the tomb was rolled away from the tomb to let Jesus out. The earthquake and rolling back of the stone recorded in

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Job had it Right!

It is one heart-quieting consideration in all the afflictions that befall us, that God has a special hand in them: “The Almighty hath afflicted me.” Instruments can no more stir till God gives them a commission, than the axe can cut of itself without a hand. Job eyed God in his affliction: therefore, as Augustine observes, he does not say, “The Lord gave, and the devil took away,” but “The Lord hath taken away.” –Thomas Watson, A Puritan Golden Treasury, compiled by I.D.E. Thomas see also

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Defending Homeschooling — The Joyful Journey

Here are 4 great truths about Homeschooling from a article I read on the Homeschooling Journey: School is NEVER a better option.  For some, school may be the ONLY option, but that doesn’t make it a better option.  While schools don’t fail every child, school puts all children at risk spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially. Why would anyone knowingly expose their children to those risks when there are better options available? Despite what the NEA (and Elizabeth Edwards) will tell you, a child’s parent is almost always (and unfortunately, I feel the need to qualify that statement to some degree) better qualified to teach

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How Christians are Losing the Gay Marriage Debate

In the article below the Mike Leake makes a great point about how narcissism is on a relentless rise in our culture. Starting in the 1960s, “Americans core cultural ideas slowly became more focused on self-admiration and self-expression”. We raise our children to believe that they are special simply because they were born. Somewhere along the way our “specialness” was tied to our imago Homo (image of man) instead of the imago Dei (image of God). The pervasive belief in our culture is that we are special simply because we are human and not because humanity was created in the image of

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How Affliction Unites Our Soul to Chirst

Christ chiefly manifests Himself in times of affliction, because then the soul unites itself most closely by faith to Christ. The soul, in time of prosperity, scatters its affections, and looses itself in the creature; but there is a uniting power in sanctified afflictions, by which a believer, (as in rain a hen collects her brood) gathers his best affections unto his Father and his God. Richard Sibbes, Divine Meditations and Holy Contemplations, #218. see also

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2013 Shepard’s Conference

Shepherd’s Conference 2013 John MacArthur, writer, theologian and pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA, annually hosts an event, known as the Shepherd’s Conference, that is dedicated to teaching, edifying and encouraging pastors from around the world. The conference, which has grown each year, drew more than 3,000 pastors at this year’s meeting. Keynote speakers included: John MacArthur  Phil Johnson (executive director of Grace to You)  Steve Lawson (pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, AL)  Al Mohler (president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)  Tom Pennington (pastor of Countryside Bible Church in Dallas, TX) Media for the 2013 Shepherd’s Conference is now

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There Is No Lack Of Evidence For The Existance Of God

God has left the indelible mark of His fingerprints all across the vast face of the universe… This revelation is sufficiently clear and inescapable that it renders all without excuse (see Rom. 1:20). Consequently, there is no such thing as “an innocent native in Africa” any more than there is “an innocent pagan in America”… The problem is not a lack of evidence. The problem is the innate, natural, moral antipathy of mankind to God. The problem is not that the evidence is not open to mankind. The problem is that mankind is not open to the evidence. Sam StormsGeneral

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Drawing a Circle Around the "If only’s"

Let me encourage you to take those “if onlys” and draw a circle around them. Then label the circle, “The providence of God.” The Christian believes that God is greater than our “if onlys.” His providential hand encompasses the whole of our lives, not just the good days but the “bad” days too. We have the word accident in our vocabulary; He does not… Yes, even accidents occur within the circle of divine providence. –Erwin Lutzer Taken from One Minute After You Die by Erwin Lutzer, Moody Publishers, 1997, p. 123-124, 130. see also

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Regan quote

I never thought of myself as a great man, just a man committed to great ideas. — Ronald Regan see also

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