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January 2014

Calvinism vs Molinism – William Lane Craig & Paul Helm – Unbelievable?

If God ordains the future, can humans have free will?  Are people predestined for salvation?  And what does the Bible say on the matter?  William Lane Craig is a Christian philosopher and leading proponent of Molinism, a view of divine sovereignty that seeks to reconcile God’s fore-ordination with libertarian free will.   Paul Helm is a leading Calvin Scholar.  He defends the view that God predestines the future in a way which is more Biblically compatible with human freedom. MP3 of this show For Paul Helm For William Lane Craig For more faith debates visit Get the MP3 podcast of Unbelievable? or Via Itunes

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How “Desiring God” Helped Me Solve Some Old Conflicts

My journey from the excitement of being a new Believer in 1984 to pastoring caused me to change. One thing that seemed to escape me as I went to seminary and read more and more was the joyful affection, zeal, and passion that I had when I first new Christ. As I new Christian I had what seemed to be conflicting messages in my head.  The first conflicting message that I was told and believed  was: I should never loose my first love for Christ – that is spoken of in Revelation 2:4, which the apostle John wrote to the

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Glenn Leatherman

I am first of all a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. I affirm Evangelical Christian beliefs as well as  Gospel driven in philosophy of ministry. I am married to Ann and am raising 2 wonderful boys – Jonathan and Andrew. My purpose is to build disciplemaking disciples that are becoming fishers of men in fully displaying of God’s Glory in all things. Learn more

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