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August 2015

Introduction to Theology – Session 2 – Defining Theology

Session Overview What exactly is theology and who is a theologian? Why are there so many bad theologies out there? Are you a Tabloid theologian, believing everything you hear? Or are you a more skeptical theologian, who won’t believe anything? This session will cover the different methods and commitments, good and bad, that people bring to their theology causing them to be a good theologian or a bad theologian. During this session the student will be persuaded that everyone is a theologian because everyone has theological persuasions and convictions, even if they don’t realize it. The student will have to

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God’s Kingdom Through God’s Covenants: A Concise Biblical Theology Peter J. Gentry and Stephen J. Wellum Crossway, 2015 304 pagesGospel Growth Books (Kindle)         Gospel Growth Books (Paperback) Reviewed by Fred G. Zaspel The thesis that biblical revelation hinges on a succession of historical covenants is not new, but just how that successive revelation is to be understood and how those covenants relate to each other, of course, remains a point of debate that results in our differing hermeneutical and theological systems. SBTS professors Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum have now streamlined their 2012 Kingdom Through Covenant to

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Thick Gospel Vs. Thin Gospel

Growing A God-Centered Evangelism When one things about evangelism and reaching people with the Gospel one must look to the Centrality of sovereign, saving grace because the quickening grace of God in salvation completely exalts God.  Grace is God-honoring and humanity-humbling.   We must see the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a “Thick Gospel” and not a “Thin Gospel. “  You may be asking, What in the world is a “Thick Gospel“?   We all know that God initiates grace and that this grace frees us from the rejection of others in Evangelism.   We know that evangelism is impossible without grace, for grace is

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Kathie Lee Shares Touching Tribute To Husband Frank Gifford and His Faith in Jesus Christ | TODAY

Kathie Lee Gifford returns to the cohost seat for the first time since her husband Frank passed away and shares how she and her family are coping with the loss and the personal and touching story of how his faith shaped his life. I amen what Pastor Wade Burleson says, There are a few occasions when I am taken by surprise with public expressions of faith in Christ by God’s people. This morning was one of those occasions. Kathie Lee Gifford gave a clear testimony of the importance of receiving God’s grace in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

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What Keeps Young Adults in Church?

What are the factors contributing to keeping young adults in the Church? John Sorensen talks with Jon Nielson, a college pastor at College Church in Wheaton, IL, who has some ideas on what keeps young people in the Church.

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9Marks @ 9 — SBC 2015

Mark Dever sits down with David Platt, R. Albert Mohler Jr., H.B. Charles, and Danny Akin to chat about the current state of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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An Unlikely Convert: A Former Lesbian Professor’s Journey to Faith

As a tenured lesbian professor at Syracuse University, Dr. Butterfield had no desire to become part of the heterosexist, patriarchal culture that she perceived to be the identity of Christianity. Her thinking was challenged by the letter of a local pastor who inquired about her basic presuppositions and asked her questions no one had ever asked her before. What began as an academic exercise to find fault with the Scripture and expose the darker side of Christianity ended with answers and a changed life that resonates in today’s culture.

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The Importance of the Nature of Divine Sovereignty for Our View of Scripture by Stephen J. Wellum

The Importance of the Nature of Divine Sovereignty for Our View of Scripture by Stephen J. Wellum Not only is it important to evaluate views of divine sovereignty in light of whether they can uphold a high view of Scripture, but it is also crucial to maintain that in defending any view of Scripture, one cannot adequately do so unless one self-consciously thinks through one’s view of divine sovereignty. In fact, without the discussion of divine sovereignty being brought to the table in our doctrine of Scripture polemics, I am convinced that we will not make any headway in our

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Introduction to Theology – Session 1 – Class Introduction

Session Overview What is The Theology Program anyway? What is our approach to studying theology? Does TTP take the we’re right, your wrong approach? Or does it approach theology more peaceably, letting the students make up their own mind? Am I smart enough to take this course? These are all important questions that this first session seeks to answer. This session presents a basic understanding of the importance of the study of theology and the purpose of The Theology Program. The rules of engagement will set the stage for all future TTP sessions, arguing that theology is best done with

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