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January 2016

Recommended books on Ministry, Church History, and Theology (Mark Dever)

The goal of this post to honor a man who has inspired and encouraged many—and pointed to some great books to grow their faith and faithfulness in ministry. This post lists Mark Dever’s recommended books on ministry, church history, theology, apologetics, ecclesiology, evangelism, missions, theology, biography, and more. Scroll to the bottom for helpful audio/video resources […] The post Mark Dever’s Recommended Books on Ministry, Church History, & Theology appeared first on Cross-Points eBooks and Resources. Read on »

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Resolutions for the New Year – 2016

I love to reach about Christians who make resolutions to following and grow in their committment to Christ.  Many of us know that Jonathan Edwards made many resolutions that he kept because we are all live by the resolutions we are constantly making.  You can read about Jonathan Edwards and his resolutions here, here, and here.    You can also read more about the process of making resolutions (promises to yourself) here, here, here, and here.  I wanted to find out principally what people today do that keep and follow through on their commitments and resolutions to themselves and others.  Here

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Glenn Leatherman

I am first of all a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. I affirm Evangelical Christian beliefs as well as  Gospel driven in philosophy of ministry. I am married to Ann and am raising 2 wonderful boys – Jonathan and Andrew. My purpose is to build disciplemaking disciples that are becoming fishers of men in fully displaying of God’s Glory in all things. Learn more

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