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It is time again to look at our New Year’s resolutions which give us the opportunity to look back at what we committed to last year, and offering a fresh start for something new. I think of new habits as a better way of understanding any new commitment we make. Wanting to read the Bible more is a common Christian desire when looking ahead to the new year.

My question for us is: Why do so many Christians start with a strong commitment and yet lose their way when reading the Bible? One reason may be that we have too high of an expectation of what we will feel every day when we read. We know this is God’s Word and that He speaks to us through this Book, and yet so many times, when we’re reading the assigned portion of Scripture for the day, it all feels so, well, ordinary. and we ask ourselves “Why don’t I feel like my life is changing?”

Normally the Bible works in our hearts the Spirit in a quiet and gentle way through the rhythms of daily submission, of regular obedience to Christ’s Lordship, and of opening up our lives before this open Book and asking God to change us. Change doesn’t always happen overnight. Growth doesn’t happen in an instant. Instead, it happens over time, as we eat and drink and exercise spiritually through Scripture reading.

This is why each year I work to recommit my life to Bible / Scripture Habits in my life. So as I have prayed and researched how I will commit myself to Bible Reading this year, I want to share some of the fruit and ideas I am compiling that may be beneficial for you in the following links. Let me know if they are helpful and I pray you grow in God’s grace through you reading Scripture this year.

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Chronological Bible Reading

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