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A faithful minister will always exalt Christ

A faithful minister will always exalt Christ. We read that when John saw the state of mind in which his hearers were, he told them of a coming One far mightier than himself. He refused the honor which he saw the people ready to give him, and referred them to Him who had the “winnowing fork in his hand,”–the Lamb of God, the Messiah. Conduct like this will always be the characteristic of a true “man of God.” He will never allow anything to be credited to him, or his office, which belongs to his divine Master. He will say

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The Supremacy of Christ (Symphonic Sermon Jam)

Oh, How good it is to listen to one speaking of the greatness and supremacy of Christ over every thing and in all things.  Nothing exists or moves without dependence on Him.  There is not one square inch on planet earth the world that Christ does’t say “Mine!!, and I rule it and supreme over it. (Abraham Kyper)  We must know this Christ!  And and thought it may not seam to you that he does hold such supreme rule now, it is a short time when he will returns in the glory of his father to give relief to those who trust

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My Promise / Fulfillment Theology

One of the reasons I cannot hold to Classical Covenant Theology, and much more prefer New Covenant Theology or what I call Promise / Fulfillment Theology is that I cannot buy into the idea of “covenant children” within the New covenant since the Bible is clear to me that only regenerate believers are included in the New Covenant (Yes I am a Baptist).  Though I highly respect some great Christian teachers who espouse the idea of “covenant children,” it (in my humble opinion – IMHO) is derived from theological preunderstandings and presuppositions rather than from proper exegesis. It may come from a desire to see those (all or some) who die in

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Common Ground / Uncommon Confidence – Acts 21:37-22:30

Common Ground / Uncommon Confidence – Acts 2137-22:30 from Glenn Leatherman on Vimeo. Paul now finds himself before the Tribune and asks to speak to the Jews that are gathered against him (for they have accused him of defaming the temple). Paul clears his name being associated with a Jewish assassin group that tried to overthrow the roman rule a couple of years earlier. Paul then speaks to his people in their language detailing his conviction of sin (1-5), conversion to Christ (22:6-16), and calling to bring the gospel to the entire world (22:17-21). The Jews get so angry that

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Gospel is focus of SBC unity, Ascol says

It is so refreshing to hear finally that the discussions in the SBC are turning toward theology. I appreciate Tom Ascol’s remarks at the founders conference this year. He points to center our lives around the Gospel. Good Theology always drives us to the Gospel and helps us define, document, defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A fully biblical Gospel, with all its related doctrines, must again be proclaimed in churches and in evangelism. Here is a quote that convicted me to become more theolgically and gospel minded: “I believe we are living in an early era of ‘re-theologizing’ of

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