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church planting

Disciplemaking: Cross + Community + Culture

Disciplemaking: Cross + Community + Culture: origionally posted at Missional Challenge – aligning every believer with the redemptive mission of Jesus!   Missional Circles highlighted the emphasis for church planters to understand that… Every believer has been sent by Jesus with the Cross in Community to the Culture for the King and His Kingdom! The following chart focuses on  thee importances of developing specific disciplemaking practices to live this out that include Habits of Faith, Hope and Love. Every believer has a responsibility to take the message of the cross together in community with other Christians to those in the culture around them. This

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Top Issues Church Planters Face

I found some great articles (by Ed Stetzer) over and Provocation and Paintings (Top Issues Church Planters Face) that I am reading on Evangelism and Church planting that I thought would be great to go through.  I know that Timothy Brister has also said that he will be interacting with these articles.  The articles are:  1. Leadership Development and Reproducing Culture2. Financial Self-Sufficiency and Viability3. Launch Team Development and Mobilizing Volunteers4. Systems, Processes, and Cultures5. Casting Vision and Avoid Mission Drift6. Evangelism and Discipleship7. Spiritual, Physical, Mental Health Planter/Family*. Conclusions and Observations see also

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0.2% are Evangelical Christians

Here is some information about the Spiritual climate of Riverside and Orange Counties in California.  It show that with all the religion going on that there has been little effective evangelism.  What do these statistics mean to you?    Does that mean we need to plant more churches? Is it better to have 10 churches of 100 people or 1 church of 1000 as far as being accountable to  promote gathered worship in displaying God’s glory together that that fuels evangelism and missions? Are we obeying the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)? Should we strategize to be more effective in our evangelism? Is Church planting the best form

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Church Planting is for Wimps

Church Planting is for Wimps Read the whole book at the link above Mike McKinley – Church Planting is for Wimps from 9Marks on Vimeo. see also

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Church Planter by Darrin Patrick [Video Trailer]

Church Planter by Darrin Patrick [Video Trailer]: “For the book Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission by Darrin Patrick. You Can Check out this video trailer where Darrin Patrick explains the importance and urgency of discovering and developing God-called men to lead the church on mission in our generation. “ see also

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Articles | I Will Build My Church (the challenge of church planting) | Phillip Jensen

I appreciate this article on Church planting by Phillip Jensen I Will Build My Church (the challenge of church planting) by Phillip Jensen Perhaps it is because whenever we read the verse, we think of claims to papal power and the need to prove that Peter was not the first pope. Whatever the reason, we often forget the other more positive side of Matthew 16:18. “I will build my church.” This is a momentous statement, for it describes Jesus’ program for the future. At this point in Matthew’s Gospel, the storm clouds are gathering. In the very next paragraph Jesus

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A Grassroots GCR: Every Church, a Church Planting Church

A Grassroots GCR: Every Church, a Church Planting Church: “ Bring It Back – A Grassroots GCR: Every Church, a Church Planting ChurchBy Tim Brister Essentially, a commitment to the Great Commission inherently requires a passion for church planting. Christ gave this commission to the local church, and yet less than 15% of churches have owned it to the point of actively being involved in planting churches.[1] The question that must be asked then is why 85% of churches in North America are not engaged in the Great Commission to the point of making disciple-making disciples who form into church

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YouTube – Why to plant Churches – Tim Keller part 1 of 4

Great motivation to do evangelism in your church by planting churches: Why to Plant Churches – Tim Keller – Part 1 of 4 Why to Plant Churches – Tim Keller – Part 2 of 4 Why to Plant Churches – Tim Keller – Part 3 of 4 Why to Plant Churches – Tim Keller – Part 4 of 4 see also

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Redeemer’s Philosophy of Church Planting from Redeemer City to City on Vimeo. Created in 2008 by Nathan Troester. Redeemer Presbyterian Church. see also

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