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Christ or a College Degree?

From Traibologue: Christ or a College Degree?: “ It is a sad day in the United States when a Christian is given the ultimatum to either ditch Christ or get kicked out of grad school. See the details of Jen Keeton’s story below. Augusta State Univ. to counseling student: change your beliefs or get out Keeton, 24, is pursuing her master’s degree in counseling at Augusta State. After her professors learned of her biblical beliefs, specifically her views on homosexual conduct, from both classroom discussions and private conversations with other students, the school imposed the re-education plan. Keeton never denigrated anyone

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Glenn Leatherman

I am first of all a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. I affirm Evangelical Christian beliefs as well as  Gospel driven in philosophy of ministry. I am married to Ann and am raising 2 wonderful boys – Jonathan and Andrew. My purpose is to build disciplemaking disciples that are becoming fishers of men in fully displaying of God’s Glory in all things. Learn more

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