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Imperatives – Indicatives = Impossibilities

I love the following article by Justin Taylor called Imperatives – Indicatives = Impossibilities.  It affirms my believe that promise comes before commands or that all commands are not ment to be obeyed without a promise of enablement and accomplishment from God. Justin Taylor says: The dominant mode of evangelical preaching on sanctification, the main way to motivate for godly living, sounds something like this: You are not _____; You should be _________; Therefore, do or be ________! Fill in the blank with anything good and biblical (holy; salt and light; feed the poor; walk humbly; give generously; etc.). This is

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2 Samuel 13 – All in the Family

In 2 Samuel 13 one must deal with the godless depravity of 4 men, especially in the narrative of Amnon’s rape of Tamar, his half sister. In Amnon we see lust without love bringing about rape, in Jonadab we see a man of reason without principles planning this rape, in David we see anger without justice in failing to punish rape and murder, and in Absolom’s we see hatred without restraint in the murder of his half brother, Amnon. David’s family is receiving God’s punishment of 2 Samuel 12:11 because of his sin in his relationship with Bathsheba and Uriah.

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