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John Piper

An honest look at the Prusit of Joy

From: John Piper on happiness, Christianity in America and fasting from preaching Here are 2 quotes of John’s in this article that are especially encouraging to me: “Christians care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering” …[Christians] should not define happiness as the kind of breezy, light, superficial, smiley-faced, praise-God-anyhow, that gives the impression to others that they don’t know suffering, and that they are hypocritical and superficial.  That is the danger I fear when you ask it, should they be a happy person.  I would want to say they should be the person who looked like they maintain a sweet contented disposition when

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Theological Conversations

On May 1, respected author and speaker John Piper sat down with Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church. Piper quizzed Warren on the doctrine surrounding his book, “Purpose Driven Life.” Piper presents Warren with direct and relevant questions about his influences, why he wrote the book, and how he defends the declarations he makes. Watch as Piper and Pastor Rick discuss topics such as the glory of God, whether negative life circumstances are caused by God, and more. This informative and inspiring interview gives deeper insight in to the author and pastor. Embedded media from <a href=””>Saddleback Media Center</a>

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Controversy can help us! Eternal Hell, Universalism, and Rob Bell

Controversies are common place when it comes to the development of Christian doctrine.  Over the years it has been controversies that have cause faithful Christians to re-look and define more carefully and accuractly and more committedly what we believe.  The latest controversy over hell and universalism (started by the promotion of Rob Bells new book, Love Wins) will do the same I pray for this generation. On the first weekend in March 2011 a controversy started over Rob Bell’s latest book, Love Wins (due out on March 29, 2011), supposably advoicating universalism and the non-eternality of Hell for individuals.  Controversy can be good because it makes us go back to

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Arcing With Piper

Arcing With Piper: “John Piper has long recommended “arcing” as most fruitful exegetical tool. I discovered today that Piper’s booklet “Biblical Exegesis” – which is basically a description of the arching method – is available free online. Here is also a website that will help you draw arcs electronically. see also

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