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Alcohol, Liberty, and Legalism

Alcohol, Liberty, and Legalism: by Justin Taylor (Between Two Worlds) An interesting discussion took place in the comments to yesterday’s post on the Guinness Brewing Company. It seems that some think brewing beer is either an illegitimate vocation, and immoral activity, or unwise as a witness for Christ. It’s not possible in one post to address all concerns. I’d just say, for my own part, that I do not advocate alcohol consumption and I don’t particularly like the taste of alcohol. Further, I find it slightly annoying when those who enjoy adult beverages talk about it a lot. (Sort of

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A bout of legalism

I was reading over at the shephard’s Scrapbook about legalism. I agree that legalism is a huge soteriological issue. We fall into it without noticing it. When ever we think God is more please with us because of our obedience than any other of his children we have fallen to this sinful trap. Tony Reinke states the well: Legalism is the lie that God will find more pleasure in me because my obedience is greater than others or that God looks at me with disgust because I am not growing in grace as quickly as my friends. It is the

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