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preaching preparation

Integrative Model for Preaching Series by Dr. Kenton Anderson

The following is taken from the appendix of “Preaching with Conviction”. My daughter and I had a disturbing conversation a few months ago. It was a typical father/daughter discussion. She wanted to do something I thought might be inappropriate and I said so with all the fatherly tenderness and respect I thought necessary for such an occasion. She was quick, however, to sense the nature of my rebuke. “Dad, I don’t need to hear a sermon,” she said as she turned her back on me and walked away. She was nine years old. Her response stung, given that I make

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Preaching With or Without Notes

Preaching With or Without Notes – Biblical Preaching by Peter Mead by Glenn Leatherman on Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 4:34pm I preached with notes for a decade, sometimes extensive, sometimes brief. Three years ago I switched to preaching without notes. I would not go back. … There are more important things than whether you preach with or without notes. It’s more important to be Biblical, to have clear big idea, specific purpose and relevance. So I would not make a definitive case for no notes as opposed to with notes or with manuscript preaching (although to be honest I

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Sermon Builder from Shepherds’ Fellowship

Here is a good overview of the sermon development process that a faithful expositor of God’s world would go through ever time he speaks: This is a useful process for pastors, Sunday School teachers, bible study teachers,  and other small small group leaders as well. see also

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Does It Make Sense?

Does It Make Sense?: ” by Peter MeadIt seems obvious, but it needs to be said. When we speak we need to make sure we make sense. There are various reasons why we may not make sense to our listeners. Here are a few to be aware of:1. Obscure Language – If you obfuscate using technical, rare or archaic vocabulary, then you will lose folks. They will probably still compliment you on your “deep” message, but be alert enough to spot the implication of that encouraging feedback!2. Unknown Illustrations – Your illustration from the world of online war games, submarine

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Simplicity in Preaching

Simplicity in Preaching by J. C. Ryle King Solomon says, in the book of Ecclesiastes, “Of making many books there is no end” (12:12). There are few subjects about which that saying is more true than that of preaching. The volumes which have been written in order to show ministers how to preach are enough to make a small library. In sending forth one more little treatise, I only propose to touch one branch of the subject. I do not pretend to consider what should be the substance and matter of a sermon. I purposely leave alone such points as

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How Does John Piper Prepare a Sermon?

How do you prepare a talk, Bible study, sermon, or speech? I am big on preaching extemporaneous, and I while I think their are other ways to go about preaching, I think that extemporaneous is best for most of us preachers and speakers.  I don’t deny that there are different ways to preach extemporaneously.  One of my problems is that I am so tied to know the many options onmy subject that I never quit studying in time to digest my own work. Let me state that one can preach extemporaneously with some notes or better with certain types of notes (thought it probably

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