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Preaching without notes

How To Deliver a Talk Without Using Notes

Here is a repost of a blog post by Carey Nieuwhof, who is the lead pastor of Connexus Community Church.  It is a topic that I find very important today for communicators, preachers, pastors of the Gospel.  so much preaching could be disiminated by giving people USB drives of the text of the sermon and let them read it.  It is my passionate quest to preach without notes and this article is very helpful.  So read on an enjoy How To Deliver a Talk Without Using Notes: When I was just starting to speak publicly, I was always amazed by communicators who

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Preaching With or Without Notes

Preaching With or Without Notes – Biblical Preaching by Peter Mead by Glenn Leatherman on Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 4:34pm I preached with notes for a decade, sometimes extensive, sometimes brief. Three years ago I switched to preaching without notes. I would not go back. … There are more important things than whether you preach with or without notes. It’s more important to be Biblical, to have clear big idea, specific purpose and relevance. So I would not make a definitive case for no notes as opposed to with notes or with manuscript preaching (although to be honest I

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Speaking the Word Freely

I keep looking for ways to let the Holy Spirit lead in my preaching.  For me it is in the discipline of Extemporaneous Preaching.  here is a book that will help anyone along this journey. Speaking the Word Freely by Jerry Larson see also

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Preaching as Exultation

Dull and boring preaching kills.  Preaching needs to be moved by the truth of the bible not only in our understanding but in our affections.  That is why I believe that a preacher should fill themselves up with the word and then preach extemporanously because the Love the God and his truth found in the Bible.  One cannot be animated while tied to notes very well.  The following quotes from Gospel Driven Church  also resonate with my heart on this issue as well. Preaching as Exultation: “The cure for dull preaching is not simply better information or more creative themes/props, but a sense of exultation in

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Extemporaneous style of preaching good for most…

Good Biblical exposition (preaching) is best done in an extemporaneous style for most (not all) preachers. I currently preach without notes much better and I explain things more exactly when I preach this way on my feet than when I preached with a full manuscript. My experience tells me that most preachers would benefit of preaching extemporaneously, because if frees them from their notes to actually think and and prevents them from plagiarizing themselves in the pulpit. Preachers may make full manuscripts or notes or outlines or mind-maps in preparation for preaching. Writing is good and very important to get

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Sermon Builder from Shepherds’ Fellowship

Here is a good overview of the sermon development process that a faithful expositor of God’s world would go through ever time he speaks: This is a useful process for pastors, Sunday School teachers, bible study teachers,  and other small small group leaders as well. see also

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Does It Make Sense?

Does It Make Sense?: ” by Peter MeadIt seems obvious, but it needs to be said. When we speak we need to make sure we make sense. There are various reasons why we may not make sense to our listeners. Here are a few to be aware of:1. Obscure Language – If you obfuscate using technical, rare or archaic vocabulary, then you will lose folks. They will probably still compliment you on your “deep” message, but be alert enough to spot the implication of that encouraging feedback!2. Unknown Illustrations – Your illustration from the world of online war games, submarine

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Head, heart, and Hand

John Broadus and William Shed give reasons to preach without notes:  Preaching without notes (1) – Head Heart Hand  by Dr. David Murray – Follower of Christ– Preacher of the Gospel– Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.– President of Head Heart Hand Media, a new Christian film company see also

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