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Squishy Evangelicals

I have been thinking about the the way some Christian leaders are becoming more liberal and/or not dealing with any difficult text in their preaching.  I consistently see this happening today more and more – especially by those in ministry positions. The article below calls these Christians “Squishy Evangelicals.” and is a start in unpacking my thinking about this issue that is a concern to Evangelicals today.  I believe that “Squishy Evangelicals” are the cause of much disunity today instead of people who lovingly hold to strong robust doctrine and theology in their teaching.  Do you see this trend too? If We Believe All

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What Do I Owe to the Person Who Differs from Me?

this is a very helpful article: How to Deal with Those who Differ from Us (Rodger Nicole) – 2 of the best quotes on this occur at the end of the article:  Perhaps the most important consideration for the Christian is to remain aware at all times of the goal to be achieved. It is the consistent perception of this goal that will give a basic orientation to the whole discussion: Are we attempting to win an argument in order to manifest our own superior knowledge and debating ability? Or are we seeking to win another person whom we perceive

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Parchment and Pen � Do Roger Olson and I Worship the Same God?

While I disagree with Michael Patton in his view of Rodger Olson as balanced and calm on theological issues (he is anything but balanced, rational, and calm), I find the following post by Michael Patton generally balanced, faithful to Biblical Truth, and helpful to understand:  Parchment and Pen – Do Roger Olson and I Worship the Same God? by Michael Patton on 20 Sep 2007  You may be surprised to know that my series of blogs this week was inspired by Roger Olson, a man I respect very deeply. Although I don’t agree with him on many theological issues concerning salvation and theology proper, his scholarship, winsome writing

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Andre’e Seu’s Tragic Mistake on the Gospel of Glenn Beck – Justin Taylor

Andre’e Seu’s Tragic Mistake on the Gospel of Glenn Beck – Justin Taylor I find Justin Taylors reference to a Theological Taxonomy from Michael Wittmer’s book, Don’t Stop Believing: Why Living Like Jesus Is Not Enough  is very helpful in showing the denial of the Gospel of Glenn Beck by distinguishing between  What you must believe, What you must not reject, and What you should believe. see also

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A Paradigm for Unity What Christianity is All About How to Know and Enjoy Godby Dr. Alan K. Scholes Chapter 1: Our Approach:Convictions, Persuasions, and Opinions see also

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Is Unity Without Truth Possible?

“Fuzzy truth” is often preferred as a means of providing supposed unity. The idea is, stay with broad general definitions of terms, so that the maximum number of Christians will feel comfortable with each other’s beliefs. But is this true unity? And which is more important, truth or unity? see also

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