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2 Samuel 21.15-22 – Courage for Insurmountable Enemies

In the last half 2 Samuel 21 we find david gaining victory over 4 giant enemies. There is debate on whether the word “giant” is to be take in its regular sense as a big person, or as a god, but the evidence of the context would favor the first viewpoint. Another issue here is the identification of Goliath. Some see a corruption of the original text, but it is better to see this as a copies error which 1 Chronicles 20:5 correst and itentifies the giant as the “brother of Goliath.” During battles David has grown weary and is

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2 Samuel 8 – Kingdom Stewardship

David had to take responsibillity of expanding the kingdom in God’s willing plan. In 2 Samuel 8 he defeated the nations around him including Moab (a place where the king gave Davi’s parents asslyum during his escape from Saul). We learn that kingdom living involves conflict before victory. We are called to be stewards and fight for the kingdom in this way. In this spiritual battle we are ordered to consecrate and dedicate everything we receive including our own lives to God. In the end steward ship in this Chapter is a lesson is what it takes to serve and

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2 Samuel 5 – Kingdom Collage

The author here in 2 Samuel 5 pastes together 4 different episodes fragments (Promise, Vision, Compromise and Victory) showing the establishment and confirmation of the Davidic Kingdom. The events in this chapter are not placed in chronological order but are included because they all emphasize the necessity in knowing the King of the kingdom. We learn that the character of God applies to all areas of Biblical faith. Today we need to learn that what is central to the kingdom is God Himself and not life enhansements that the kingdom provides. This passage will help you preach a God-centered Gospel

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