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Dr. Jim Hamilton wrote this good irenic (peaceable) paper on the issue of women in ministry: WHAT WOMEN CAN DO IN MINISTRY: FULL PARTICIPATION WITHIN BIBLICAL BOUNDARIES He states in his conclusion: I have argued that a biblical understanding of full participation in ministry does not mean that one exercises one’s gifts in any and every circumstance. Rather, full participation in ministry means exercising one’s gifts under the Lordship of Christ by the power of the Spirit in accordance with one’s role in the body as assigned by the Father. God has also assigned gender to human beings, and the Bible sets parameters on

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CBMW » Women in Ministry: Practical Application of Biblical Teaching

The following article from the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.  It is a great summary to a difficult issue within the church because we have bought into the idea that God does not structure families or churches with different roles for men and women.  While the Scripture is clear that both men and women are equal in their person and in their relationship with God,  God has restricted some roles in the church for men alone.  Read and learn about God’s standard applied in a local church practically in the article below CBMW » Women in Ministry: Practical Application

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As a fellow complementarian with regard to Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, I always appreciate Dr. Mohler’s gentle but firm way he deals with egalitarians who are amazed that people can still be committed to a biblical doctrine concerning the roles of man and women in the church and home.  This dialog that he recounts is helpful in understanding how others may incorrectly see the complementarian position and help those of us who hold to the biblical roles to better communicate these to unbelievers and egalitarian believers. While I don’t think that this issue in itself is one of salvation, it may indicated the denial of other more

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JBMW Online

JBMW Online: (Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood)Denny Burk reports:We have introduced a significant change with the release of the latest issue of JBMW. We have moved to an exclusively online format. That means all of our articles will be immediately available for download for anyone who wants to read them. We will still produce two fascicles per year, and the first one for 2010 has just appeared at the CBMW website. Starting with this issue, readers have the option to download the entire journal in one PDF document. Readers can also view individual articles in HTML or download individual

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