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Christ Fortifying His Disciples

Christ Fortifying His Disciples
Text:: John 15:17-27
Introductory Connections
My condition:
He talked about his friends not he turns towards their enemies.
Preparation for persecution
The more Christ like we re the more we shall be antagonized and sunned.
Action Words:
Important Words:
FCF: The disciples tended to get intimidated when facing persecution
Subject: Following Jesus Cost the disciples something
Limiter: but not following Christ would mean that they were sliding with the World
Theological Focus: God Wards to encourage stability
Anthropological Focus: True Conversions not spurious conversion
Problems (page 1& 3) – Interest, or need Element: Intimation, fear of man, pleasing people
Purpose: Faith Statement: to stabilize your faith when people hate you or your message.
Theme: peole reaction and hatred should not intimidate us
Limiting Thrust: in proclaiming the Gospel
Question: How do we keep from being intimidated from others hatred
Focus image: Enron – Ken Lay
Transition: to overcome intimidation and stabilize your faith you
Outline complements to the theme:

  • Realize that people of this world will hate you (p of Expectation) – 17-19
  • Realize that you are a reflection of the thing they most hate. – 17-19
  • Realize that their hatred helps prove we are God’s Children – 19-21
  • Realize that the world will react to you just as it reacted to Jesus – 20-21
  • Realize that there will be greater punishment for greater sin b/c of greater light (20-24)
  • Realize that the hatred of the world will not jeopardize God redemptive plan – v. 25
  • Realize that our responsibility is to bear witness regardless of the conditions – 36-28
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