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Does the New Covenant break in any way with the Old Covenant

For a while I have been investigating the issue of covenant theology and other systems of theology that deal with the overarching theme(s) of scripture. More and more I see that all scripture points to christ and the Gospel of God’s glory is the overarching purpose of scripture. I think there is more fruitful dialogue going on about these issues that as been going on in a long time. Richard Barcellos in Defence fo the Decalogue, has summarized the way the New Covent differes from the Old in the following list:

  • First, unlike the Old Covenant, the New Covenant cannot be broken (verse 32).
  • Second, unlike the Old Covenant, the law of God will be put in the minds and written on the hearts of all covenant citizens (verse 33).
  • Third, unlike the Old Covenant, everyone in the New Covenant will know the Lord (verse 34a).
  • Fourth, unlike the old Covenant, everyone in the New Covenant will have their sins forgiven (verse 34b).

I see these contrasts as striking, what do you see?

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